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Trikon #1780 Meghalaya Backpacking Tour

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Sat Oct 19 2019 2:00 pm - Sat Oct 26 2019 3:00 pm  
   ₹ 19999

Event Tag: Trikon #1780
Event Name: Meghalaya Backpacking Tour
Event Date: 19th Oct - 26th Oct 2019
Event Cost: Rs. 19,999/- per pax
Total Seats: 12
Location: Meghalaya
Approximate Duration: 8 Days

Meghalaya – The Scotland of the East

What if one could walk in the clouds, feeling the cool breeze run through lush green terrain under your feet? You think it’s just a dream? Not anymore, cause we at Travel Trikon are going to take you to a dreamland! - A destination that requires no wings to touch the clouds. If it's raw natural beauty that you're looking for, none other than Meghalaya!

Major Attractions
The living root bridges, built 200 years ago
Natural swimming pools amidst the valleys
Pure backpacking experience travelling to places
The natural amusement park, Mawlyngbna
The mesmerizing Krang Suri Falls

The name Meghalaya means ‘THE ABODE OF CLOUDS’. It is also known as the land of the living root bridges and numerous natural swimming pools.Receiving the maximum rainfall in the world, this heavenly

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