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Maharashtra Unplugged - Malshej Ghats, August 2019

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Sat Aug 24 2019 6:00 am - Sun Aug 25 2019 12:00 pm  
Malshej Ghat
   ₹ 8000

Maharashtra Unplugged is a concept with an objective of making the lesser known, lesser seen and less visited landscape wonders of Maharashtra’s unparallel natural beauty accessible as an advanced photography platform to all photographers who have a desire to capture the monsoon magic of the Sahyadris and at the same time, are looking for an atypical weekend destination away from the typical tourist crowd. It is basically a landscape photography platform organized by DCP Expeditions team, which intends to teach you the tips and tricks of landscape photography. These programs are mostly weekend programs. With the onset of Monsoon, the rain kissed roads, rainbows in raindrops … mists and clouds and a beckoning green that comforts in its lushness and purity… the entire range of the Sahyadris, nestled in the clouds, covered with a lush green coat gets converted into a simply awe-inspiring phenomenon. It just cannot be explained. It needs to be experienced… and when captured in your frames

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Malshej Ghat
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