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Kedrakantha Trek | Plan The Unplanned

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Sun Dec 29 2019 6:00 am - Fri Jan 03 2020 8:00 pm  
Plan The Unplanned, Bangalore, India 560076
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Plan The Unplanned in association with IWasThere brings you one of the finest Himalayan Winter treks out there suitable for those looking to attempt their first Himalayan trek as well as the more experienced trekkers looking for a quick Himalayan getaway.

If you have been longing for a high altitude Himalayan trek through the snowfields and gaze at the mighty peaks kissing the sky, then this surely is the thing for you! There are very few treks in the Indian Himalayas which boasts of being an easy summit trek.

Summit climbs are generally arduous and need technical mountaineering skills as well as require a lot of preparation. But Kedarkantha, definitely, is one of those rare summit treks which can be done by beginners and even during peak winters. Very few treks can be done during the winters and this is what makes the Kedarkantha trek very enticing. The whole landscape is magical with snow falling over numerous pine trees which makes Kedarkantha one of the most sought after treks in the

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Plan The Unplanned, Bangalore, India 560076
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