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Blackbuck and Astro Photography Boot Camp - Mamadapur

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Sat Feb 22 2020 10:00 am - Sun Feb 23 2020 6:00 pm  
Mamdapur, Maharashtra, India
   ₹ 6500

Mamdapur Conservation Reserve in the Yeola district of Maharashtra is spread across of 54 square kilometres of area. This is an excellent place to see and photograph large herds of blackbucks. The vast grasslands are a perfect habitat for them, the reserve has population of around 2000 to 3000 blackbucks. Along with other grassland wildlife, which includes, Hyena, foxes, wolf, Jackal, wild cat, civet cat, hare, mongoose, porcupine, chameleon, etc. The large open grounds also provide a great opportunity to observe and photograph variety of avifauna. The place is away from any urban settlement and the nights are pitch dark providing excellent opportunity for night sky observation and astro photography.

Mamdapur, Maharashtra, India
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