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Birds of Bharatpur and Chambal - January 2020

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Thu Jan 09 2020 9:00 am - Sun Jan 12 2020 10:00 am  
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
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The Keoladeo National Park, better known as Bharatpur, is one of the best places in the country for birdwatchers and bird photographers during the winters. The forest is just 29 sq. km. in area, but do not get mislead by its size. Its potential can be realized on examining the distinction it has got. It was a royal duck-shoot reserve in the times of Maharajas. It was declared a wildlife Sanctuary in 1956. It was then upgraded as a national park, perhaps the smallest, in 1981. It is listed as Ramsar site. It is a World Heritage and an Important Bird Area (IBA). India is a mega-biodiversity country and Keoladeo is a solid proof of it. About 20 percent (About 400) of bird species have been reported from this small area! The mosaic of habitat, that Keoladeo offers, is the reason for this. About one- third area is a wetland and rest is scrub, woodland and grassland. Keoladeo is regarded as one of the finest heronries of the India. About one – third avifauna is resident and equal number is m

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
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