Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Trek and Camping

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Fri Jan 04 2019 10:00 pm - Sun Jan 06 2019 11:00 pm  
Plan The Unplanned, Bangalore, India 560076
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Have you ever dreamt of escaping the maddening crowds of the city life and getting lost at a place not even found on Google? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve planned for you! Sandwiched on the border between the lush greeneries of Kerala and Karnataka, this campsite offers you the best of both worlds. Hidden away from the usual tourist crowds and offering a truly authentic wilderness experience with untouched and pristine settings all around.

The Aabhel trek takes you through picturesque locales with gushing streams and waterfalls at every corner and a breathtaking view of the sunset along with panoramic views of Kerala down below, which forms the icing on the cake. But the real hero of this experience is the campsite itself. Find your inner peace as you explore its stunning surroundings with coffee plantations, stream walks, paddy fields, a lake and a river cutting through them all, offering you sights which form the stuff of dreams.

Plan The Unplanned, Bangalore, India 560076
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