Tirthan Valley

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・December 24, 2017
1. Relax - just breathe the fresh air around you. Have tea stroll the village sit in a local tea stall with locals to have a cup of tea and Maggi .Have food they make one the most delicious food you name it and they make it better. 2.Trek in the GHNP- Its a UNESCO world heritage site . there are various trek destinations available spanning a few hours to close to 7 days .Inquire at the local FOREST department. They also have tie up with a NGO who provide you with guide tents and food for the duration of the trek.(Not expensive and must do if you have time. 3.Angling-I purchased a fishing rid from decathlon 2yrs back finally got to do angling here and its one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. You can just sit here listening to the sound of the river and angling. There is Himalayan Trout fish which is released in the river tone and again by the department. You have to take a permit from the fisheries department (your guesthouse can also organize the same). There are two type of fishing techniques used here one is fly fishing and the other is using a spinner.