Kumarakom, Kerala, India
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・December 20, 2017
Very cool clam place if you are not in the town center :) I would rather prefer alleppey than kumarakom for the boat ride the boat ride is really a BORE for active children (just like ours) This place is good option for staying one night a pit stop before going home. The lake side view of the hotels is amazing if you get to see SUNSET or SUNRISE the small hut massage parlour are heard to be good but i havent tried it and wouldnt dare to... Food, sight-seeing and shopping: I was there for one night so noth much of sightseeing or shopping The hotel itself had a breathtaking view that we didnt went anywhere Food is OK but we didnt got any authentic Kerela food anywhere or we didnt knew where we could get it. Activities & things to do: Just relax here and take a break Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: If you are here in sunny time pack loads of sun tan lotion