Kozhikode, Kerala, India
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・December 21, 2017
Just like Vasco da Gama --- explore Kozhikode and the places around. Unlike Trivandrum this is not a tourist oriented place so don't expect so many conducted tours etc. Instead you be your tour guide. And believe me, you can move around in strict budget. First of all Kozhikode t is easily accessible by road, rail and air. Airport is half an hour's ride. Good and within-budget hotels are available: Kozhikode tower near bus stand 700 rs for double room ac, hyson heritage near bus stand 1100 rs, sea queen near the beach -1400 rs and taj (star hotel) 2000 Rs.if you want malabari traditional food go to Zains hotel or paragon hotel or sagar hotel ( 50 rs for biriyani --spicy ---rice with meat ).Travel by Autorickshaws always ( really honest people ). Best in India. If you want North Indian or continental food have it from calicut tower or asma tower (across the road). People are helpful. Ask in english.Take an auto and visit kallai. There you can see centuries old timber shops where timber is transported by nature---river kallai. Take photos.Go to krishna menon museum where you can see vk krishnamenon s memoribilia and pazhasi raja museum. Evening visit the beach of Kozhikode by auto. If in Taj it's only walking distance. At 6 pm visit the zamorins courtyard the mananchira square which is historically important. Zamorin was the king of malabar 500 years back and westerners came to him first.