Kochi, Kerala, India
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・December 21, 2017
The best part of my visit to Kerala was the stay at Fort kochi. I am a history buff and the history that was present in kochi was beyond my imagination. The colonial areas with roadside restaurants was reminiscent of European steel of architecture. The synagogue and the old gullys were as Indian as it can be.The port area and the fishing nets were best viewed at sunset. Had booked a scooter with my wife and we just roamed the churches and temples and roads and food destinations for a whole day. Really a fulfilling visit. Cheers to God's own country. Kochi is a beautiful city. The biggest mall like lulu mall is here. Me and my friends had shopping I this mall. We visited all other attractions. The best thing we found in this area is the food is of very good quality and very tasty. Coconut water was very tasty and the people are very nice