Alappuzha, Kerala, India
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・December 20, 2017
Whole state of Kerela is known as 'Gods' own Country' but Alleppey is one of the most desired destination. It is well known for its backwaters with narrow canals connecting the villages. It caters for your crave to live in water. I mean there are house boats with AC Rooms (3 To 5) in each boat. If you don't want to live in but take a trip of the backwater then a motor boat with seats and great interior is available for whole family It can accommodate 10 persons. You can hire it @ hours. Minimum 6 hours ride is suggested. It takes you through the inland canals and you can see the local life. The lush green paddy fields (We visited in the end of December 2013) The Boat ride is to be enjoyed with soft music and some snacks on board. You must carry them with you. Then there is lunch time and in open waters in a small island have traditional meal. The boatman knows the place. The meal is cooked by local women. It is a cooperative type small restaurant. There are other places in the shores too. Since i did not stay in houseboat, but only saw it, I can say that it is a small floating palace. You can sit in balcony outside your room and get served snack and food while enjoying the scenic beauty In the evening we went back to Kochhi after watching the sunset in the Alappuzha beach.