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Abhishek Tanwar
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If anyone of you don’t regard a coin as worthy. Let me tell you the worth of five rupee coin. I boarded a taxi and was heading to my college from my friend’s house. I was quite sleepy because of the overnight journey and I was yawning for the whole 1 hour drive, but then just 500 meters from my college, I had a small snooze. My phone was in my hand and it fell down and went below the seat. At the security gate, I had to wake up and tell the name of the hostel. When I reached my hostel the bill was 374. So I handed him a Rs 500 note and he returned Rs 6 change (one five and another Rs 1 coin). While putting the coins in my wallet the five rupee coin fell down and went below the seat, I asked the driver to collect it as I was in a hurry. When I reached third floor I realized that one of my pocket was empty, I searched my bag and then I came to conclusion that it had been left in the taxi. Losing your phone is like becoming handicapped for some time. I only remembered my mom’s number, I called her through a friend and asked her to contact my friend about this. Fortunate enough, my friend had booked that taxi and he called the driver, the driver came to return the phone to me and that day I realized that a five rupee coin is also having a worth. Had I spent some time searching for that coin I would have seen my phone and I would not have to go through all that melodrama. It also gave me a message that that every small thing in this world matters and has its unique worth. . .

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