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About Pixean

Pixean is an online photography learning and recognition platform where people of different photography interests interact and learn from each other skills. Our user community is diverse and is inclusive of amateur and professional photographers.

The difference between a good photograph and a bad p

Terms and Conditions

You are reading Terms of Use ("Terms"), which is the agreement between you and OKSBIRD Online Services Private Limited ("OKSBIRD") when you are using OKSBIRD’s online website or mobile software / application.


Through online website (hereinafter referred to as "Website") and / or m

Privacy Settings

The Privacy settings of the user are highly maintained on Just hit the Settings icon on the upper right hand side of the page and visit the option Privacy Settings. You will be then directed to the Privacy settings page. You can customize your Profile, Items, Notifications, and the Block

Reset and change password

In case you do not remember your Pixean password then you can click the tab Login on the upper right hand and scroll down to Forgot Password. You will be redirected to the page where you will be asked to enter your Email id which you used for the Pixean account. Then you will be given a Captcha Chal

Sign up using facebook

Signing up on through Facebook is an easy process. You have to hit the tab Login with Facebook on the upper right hand of the page or simply click here.

You need to fill your Facebook email id or Username and Facebook Password. Now, you just have to Login through Facebook. After th

Signup using email

Signing up using email on Pixean is quiet easy. You have to log on to and hit the tab Register on the upper right corner of the page or simply click here.

You have to fill in your basic details like your Full Name and you have to choose a Username for your account. You have to ente

Connect with us

Are you facing issues in making payments or do you have any enquiry related to the subscription plans? No worries, you can directly reach out to us on following address - 


Pixean, Oksbird Online Services Private Limited,

CIBA, 6th floor, Agnel Technical Complex, Sector 9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 40

How to make custom payment on Pixean?
Upgrading to a subscription plan

Pixean offers its photographers a platform to list their services at absolutely no cost. Under free listing, photographers portfolios which are complete and approved by our team goes live in the search engine and appears to the clients when they seach for photographers in their cities and category o

While Sharing Articles On Places
  • You can share articles on various places which you have visited earlier. The place which you are writing the articles on should be a place where one can do photography and which is worth a visit for a particular reason.
  • You can share articles on the places like on the hill stations, beaches, va
While Sharing Blogs
  • The blogs which the user can share on the platform must be totally related to photography. It can be any blog like articles, listicles, experience, tips and tutorials, and information related to equipment and gears.
  • You can also add videos within the description within the Blog.
  • Any spam, fak
While Sharing Photos
  • You need to make sure that the size of the file is not larger than 20 MB and try to avoid the white frames. 
  • While sharing the photos, you need to take care of the properties of the photos as well. The properties of the photos should be retained. The properties like the EXIF, Gears and Settings
Editing Photo Details

If you want to edit any photo, you just have to click on the tab Edit this Photo. You can move your photo to any existing album of yours through editing. You can add or change the Title and the Description for that particular photo. You can also Choose Category which best suites your photo from the

Where can I see all my favorite photos?

When you go to the tab Photos home you will come across an option saying My Favorites. Click on this tab and you can see all the photos which you have saved till now. My Favorites is basically your collection of saved photos.

Save photos in collection

There is also an option to Save or Bookmark your photos and keep it in your Favourites. If you want to save a particular photo, just open it and in the Details section you can see a Bookmark icon which you have to click to save the photo. In this way that photo gets saved in your online collection (

Downloading Photos

How to prevent other users from Downloading my Photo?

In case you don’t want other users to download your photo then you can simply click on the Edit option after sharing the photo. If you scroll down, you can see the option for Download the Photo. Click on the option NO will prevent other users

Category selection of photos

For selecting the category of the photo, you can choose from different categories mentioned in the drop down menu while uploading your photo or under Edit this Photo section. You can choose up to seven categories to tag in photos. Just keep clicking on the category in the drop down menu or start typ

Tagging location in the photos

While sharing the photo, you can also tag the location of the place for that particular photo. Just write the string in the box, you must get the name in the list and select it. Selecting any place to tag a photo with this method create a page on Places section of the website where you can find all

Sharing photos to different social media platforms

You can share any photo from the website on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Mail. You have to open the photo which you want to share and you can see the Share icon for that photo just next to the Bookmark option. You can simply click the Share button and can share the photo on any of the mentioned so

Uploading or Sharing Images

There are two ways in which you can upload the images after logging in.

First step is to click the Photo tab on your timeline which you can see right in the top in the centre just beside the Status tab. You will get the option to Choose File and upload from the photos on your system. You can also

Sending thank you mail to registered users

If your workshop is over, you can send Thank you mail to attendees with a personalized message. Access this feature at Edit Workshop section. 

When you send thank you mail, registered users are also asked to share the feedback to your workshop.

Invite Guests & Mass Email

Invite Guests

You can invite your friends to join workshops, outsider users through email with a personal message.


What is Organizer Dashboard

Organizer Dashboard for workshops is real-time panel for workshop organizers. As an organizer, you can track all existing workshops (past, ongoing and upcoming). You can find and track the sales and payouts of your workshop paid tickets here. This section will automatically appear with My Workshops

Adding co-admins to workshops

You can add more than one admin to your workshop. This feature can be accessed from Edit Workshop option. Here, you can find a search box. Type the name of your friend, whom you want to add as co-admin. Name will appear in the list, click on it. When you select and add all friends in admin list, cli

Enable users to buy tickets

You can set the workshop free/paid while listing your workshop. You can also update or modify the details from the Edit section of the workshop. If you select Paid option, an option will appear next to it Enable users to buy tickets. Setting this as enable will allow users to purchase tickets for yo

List your workshop on Pixean

Hit the Workshops on top of the page. Click on CREATE NEW WORKSHOP and fill necessary details such as-

  • Category – Define what kind of workshop you would like to add. For e.g., Photowalk, Workshop, Tour, etc. Select anyone from the drop down menu.
  • What are you planning – Now give a title to y
Where can I see my saved Blogs?

All the blogs that you have saved or have bookmarked accessed at Quick Access Menu. In Quick Access Menu, you can see the Bookmark icon in red and clicking on that red Bookmark icon leads to you all your saved blogs.

Saving Blogs to view them later

If you come across a blog which you find useful or want to read it later then you can save it for future use. You can open the blog from the Blog Home as well from the timeline. For saving a blog you have to open the particular blog that you want to save and you will come across a Bookmark icon just

Sharing blogs on social media

You can share blogs to other social media platforms. It’s an easy going process. You just have to open the particular blog which you want to share and you will come across a Share icon. Click on Share icon and new social icons will appear to share the particular blog on facebook, Twitter, Google+ an

Why are my Blog posts not approved?

Team shall not be approving the Blog posts which are NOT related to photography. Also, if the content is vulgar, spammed or controversial then it will not be approved by the admin to go Live on the website.

Sharing blogs

One can share any kind of content related to photography ONLY on It can be blogs, informative articles, experiences, questions, tips and tutorials, articles or information regarding photography equipments, daily photography news etc. All the blog posts that the users share on the website

Is adding the article about the place different from the review of the place?

Yes, adding the article on the place and adding a review are two different things. Adding article means you are giving some kind of information on the place in form of listicle or blog. You can share its history, attraction points and nearby locations in the article section.

In the Review section

Sharing Reviews on Place

You also have the option to share the reviews on any place that you have visited. By review we mean you can share your experience at the place. You can share about the major attractions of the place, nearby stuff, local availabilities, shopping attractions, best eateries and many more such things. Y

Adding Photos to a particular Place

While you are uploading the photo of a particular place, you can tag that place name with your photos. The process is simple as when you are uploading the photos. Just write the string in the box, you must get the name in the list and select it. Selecting any place to tag a photo with this method cr

Do I receive any receipt for buying the tickets of workshop?

All the tickets for the paid and the free workshops will be available in the Tickets icon under Quick Access menu. For all the tickets of paid workshops, you shall receive an official email with all the details.

Where can I see my tickets of workshops?

To find your tickets of workshop, you have to go the Workshops Home and there you will find a Ticket icon under the Quick Access menu on the right side.

How do the users know about my workshop?

There are two ways in which the users will know about any workshop that is posted on the website.

One way is traditional notification method. All users of that particular city will notified on their profile.

Another way is to notify users via regular emails from Pixean. This is an automated pr

Is there any charge for posting workshops?

No, there is no charge as such for posting the workshops. Instead, there is a verification process which needs to be followed for listing paid workshops and enable the users to buy tickets.

Can I post both free and paid workshops?

Yes, you can post both the free and paid workshops. Both can be posted in the same method. Email verification method is essential to receive payments in paid workshops.

Why am I not able to upload photos?

If your image size is exceeding the allowed size of uploading, you cannot add your photos. Also, if there are network connectivity issues then there could be a problem in uploading large sized files. In that case, you can try uploading small size files.

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time by placing a prominent notice on our site. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting the same on our website.

How can you correct inaccuracies in the information?

To correct or update any information you have provided during registration, you can update or correct the inaccuracies therein through your registered account. However, you shall be responsible for informing us the same. In the event of loss of access details you may

Send an e-mail to contact@pixea

What security procedures are in place to protect information from loss, misuse or alteration?

To protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control, and to comply with Rule 8 of IT Rules, 2011 (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information), we have in place appropriate physical, electronic, technical, operational an

What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of your information?

Sharing your sensitive personal identifiable information is entirely voluntary. You need not register with us in order to use our site. However, we offer some services only to visitors who register. You may opt-in or opt-out of any services/ marketing / promotions. You may update your information an

Disclosure policy in compliance with rule 6 of the IT Rules 2011

The sensitive personal data or information may be disclosed to any person, if such disclosure is required for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity of (

The sensitive personal data or information may be disclosed, where the disclosure is necessary for compliance of

How is the information used?

We use your sensitive personal information to:
â–¸  help us provide personalized features
â–¸  tailor our website to your interest
â–¸  to get in touch with you when necessary
â–¸  to provide the services requested by you
â–¸  to preserve social history as governed by existing law or policy

We use

What Information is, or may be, collected from You?

We will automatically receive and collect certain anonymous information in standard usage logs through our Web server, including computer-identification information obtained from "cookies," sent to your browser from a
▸  web server cookie stored on your hard drive
▸  an IP address, assigned to

Privacy Policy

This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer

Intellectual Property Policy (IP Policy)

All existing and future Intellectual Property in the nature of unregistered or registered rights to any and all patents, copy rights, trademarks of “Pixean”,, shall be the sole property of OKSBIRD Online Services Private Limited.

All material on the website includi

IT Legal Compliance

This user agreement is published and drafted in accordance & compliance with Section 43 A of IT Act 2008 and IT Rules 2011 (Intermediary guidelines) that require intermediaries to have a user agreement regarding sensitive personal data or information (SPDI). .

By accessing or securing access, brows

Grievance Redressal

In accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below:


Mr. Amit Kumar Srivastava.
Time: Mon – Fri (09:00AM to 5:00PM) .

If you are the rightful owner of the content or an