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Come all ye shutterbugs! Welcome to Wanderlust - Pixean’s three months long mega travel photography contest. Do new cultures intrigue you? Do you like to immerse yourself in the customs and traditions of the places you travel to? Do you click what you eat? Do you like to capture the complexities of people and communities?  Do you like to celebrate differences and enjoy the similarities when you travel? When you see nature in all her glory do you find yourself getting your camera out to get that perfect shot? That beautiful flower, that marvelous animal – capture it all.  Bring the world to Pixean through your lens and stand a chance to win prizes worth ₹10000.


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Wanderlust has four categories:


Enter the contest in three simple steps:

  • Post your best travel snap.
  • Mention the category in the title/description with hash tags and do tag in appropriate category from list.
  • Invite three of your photography buddies who might be interested in the contest.


Voila you’re done!

Bonus tip: Like, share, review – get your snap on the popular bandwagon.


Every week the most popular choice will be featured on Pixean. At the end of the contest five most popular entries will be chosen from each category. Final one winner from each category will be chosen by Pixean’s panel of judges and will win prizes worth ₹10000. 

Contest ends on April 10. Bon voyage and get clicking!

  • The contest is open to all over India. 
  • Each user can upload up to 5 entries.
  • Contest is strictly open to DSLR clicks.
  • Digital manipulation is strictly prohibited. Only basic enhancements allowed.
  • Each image submitted must be the original work of the participant.
  • Each entry must have EXIF details within in the image. EXIF details auto display when you open the image on pixean.
  • Also you can check the properties of the image for EXIF details. Entries without EXIF will not be considered under the contest.
  • Collage/framed image is not permitted.
  • Your watermark must be small enough and not cover much of the image portion.
  • The entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 
  • Image Quality 
  • Composition Technique 
  • Visual appeal
  • The extent to which it adheres to the contest theme
  Contest ended
  Winners Announced!!!!! added on June 7, 2018





Winner of this contest
Tamanita kundu
Pranab Basak
Pranab Basak
70 photos
Shubhakant Swain
Shubhakant Swain
5 photos

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