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Quarantine Streets

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Ends on Jun 04, 2020

With people being quarantined in their home, streets are filled with silence and peace. This silence adds to the beauty of empty streets and makes it more vibrant. These silent streets have their own stories which can only be feel and capture. A photographer only knows to take photos but a good photographer knows how to capture emotions and feelings. Take your camera and your tripod on your shoulder and capture the silence spread across the street and let your picture speak a thousand word.

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  • All the contest is open for everyone all over India.
  • Digital manipulation of any kind is strictly prohibited only basic enhancement is allowed.
  • Photo uploaded must be the original work of contestant.
  • Collage/Framed images are not allowed.
  • Each image must have EXIF details within the image.
  • EXIF Details auto display when you open the image on Pixean.
  • Also, you can check the properties of the image for EXIF details.
  • Entries without EXIF will not be considered under the contest.
  • Participant must be in coherence with all the terms and conditions of Pixean.
  • The entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
    • Image quality
    • Composition Technique
    • Visual Appeal
    • The extent to which it adheres to the contest theme
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