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Food photography is undoubtedly one of the most difficult types of photography. As for the painting, you start with a blank canvas and you build. Layer after layer, you build the photo until you find the perfect balance between reality and art. Everything about the photo is a decision. Each piece is perfectly placed by the photographer. Beverage photography is one of the most fun and rewarding kinds of food photography out there. It’s a chance to play around with interesting props, have fun with color, and explore composition techniques.

If you are ready to check your skills and accept the challenge participate in the Pixean contest and win exciting prizes.

  • Contest is open for everyone all over India.
  • Creativity or Innovation is highly welcome.  
  • Images uploaded must be the original work of the contestant.
  • Collage/Framed images are not allowed.
  • EXIF details must be there within the image. EXIF details consist of the particulars of the image such as camera model, focal length, date and time, etc. EXIF Details auto display when you open the image on Pixean. Also, you can check the properties of the image for EXIF details.
  • Entries without EXIF will not be considered under the contest.
  • Participants must be in coherence with all the terms and conditions of Pixean.
  • The entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

- Image quality

- Creativity

- Visual Appeal 

- The extent to which it adheres to the contest theme.

  Contest is accepting entries.







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