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An experiential photo walk is a unique concept, where you walk in, get guided, try your hands on 'do it yourself' practical exercises and then, walk away with some amazing images and learning.

Architectural photo walk can be both rewarding and challenging. Figuring out how to get the ultimate shot isn’t always easy, even though you try again and again.

Despite in architectural diversity, there are several principles and techniques which can be applied to most situations. Keeping them in mind always will encourage you to think more carefully about your framing, composition, and lighting.

With practice in this session, you'll develop your eye for architecture and street photography. This will help you shoot your subjects in a more interesting manner, avoiding commonly-repeated compositions and injecting more personality into your photos.


Key Learnings:


🔹 Provides you with the ability to fit the entire frame of the building into one shot

🔹 Take shots during the session from different angles of the building to see how they look

🔹 Use of bracketed exposure

🔹 Take shots in Landscape and Portrait modes

🔹 Understanding power of ISO in outdoor architectures

🔹 How to reduce distortion by using an ultra-wide lens


  Contest is accepting entries.

Things To Carry: 


🔸 Carry your DSLR / Mobile Camera

🔸 Carry your lens and accessories

🔸 Do bring bottle of water


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