Every day we are surrounded by one or the other form of architecture like buildings and bridges. Human beings experience architecture through visuals or photographs, especially when they haven’t visited it.

Architecture photography emphasizes on how a building feels rather than how it looks. If a building is captured in the lens through an unfamiliar angle, it can create a dramatic picture and would lend it an interesting story.


Submit your architecture photos to participate in this Architecture Photography Contest and stand a chance to win prizes and get featured on Pixean.



Voting period starts once the contest ends.


  Contest is accepting entries.
  • The contest is open to all over India. 
  • Each user can upload up to 10 entries.
  • Digital manipulation is strictly prohibited. Only basic enhancements are allowed.
  • Each image submitted must be the original work of the participant.
  • Each entry must have EXIF details within the image. EXIF details auto display when you open the image on Pixean.
  • Photos without EXIF will not be considered under the contest.


For clarifications / feedback / redressal / concerns / suggestions please email to contact@pixean.com


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