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Tamrac 5542 Explorer 42 Camera Bag

Up close and personal is the best way to go. Macro-photography is extreme close-up photography usually of very small subjects and living organisms. Grab your camera and get an intimate look at the tiny beings in the wild. Showcase the complexity and beauty of all things small. If you think you have the hallmarks of a skilled macro photographer submit your entries to Pixean Macro Wild Photography Contest.


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  Contest is accepting entries.
  1. This contest is open for all members.
  • A maximum of ten photographs are allowed per person.
  • Entries with EXIF will be considered for contest. Uploading any image on pixean, will auto display the EXIF details of the image. 
  • Photo manipulation is strictly prohibited. Only little correction is allowed.
  • Resolution should be at least 1920 x 1024 pixels in JPEG format. 
  • Photos that portray or otherwise include inappropriate and/or offensive content, including provocative nudity, violence, human rights and/or environmental violation, and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the law, religious, cultural & moral traditions and practices of India, are strictly prohibited and will be immediately discarded.


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