World’s First ‘Anamorphic Lens’ for Drones
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July 10, 2019

The moment has been flourishing in the market with its wide variety of smartphone lens and now they have kicked into the drone market with its new ‘Moment Air’ lens package. They claim this lens to be world first Anamorphic lens for drones. 


The company is launching the package under the Kickstarter campaign, which consists of an Anamorphic lens, Airlight ND Filters, and Ultrathin iPhone case to fit the controller. The lens is compatible with DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom Model.


This anamorphic lens is said to produce ultra-wide angle shot without losing compression, that will give you buttery cinematic look, horizontal flares and true black bars. It has a counterweight system to balance the lens around the camera.


Some other key features are that it uses 4k film lenses with an Aspect Ratio of 2.40: 1 Cinemascope. Magnification Ratio is 1.33x Horizontal Squeeze. Weight only 50g and is compatible with other Moment’s Anamorphic filters.


Source of News:Moment Air

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