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March 8, 2018

Women choosing photography as a profession gives them a platform to show their work, inspire and encourage other females photographers! 

Women were however tangled in photography from the start. It was above all in northern Europe that women first entered the business of photography, they were on their way of opening studios in Denmark, France, Germany, and Sweden from the 1840s, while it was in Britain that women from well-to-do families developed photography as an art in the late 1850s.

The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process. Several of the earliest women photographers, most of whom were from Britain or France, were married to male pioneers or had close relationships with their families.


Women photographer has managed to break through long-held gender preferences to focus on a promising professional photographer as their future. There are brilliant female artists and it is time to show the world that women have a great eye and drive for photography.

Here are some of the top five Indian female photographers - 



A member of the International Association of Newborn Photographers, Amrita is a multi-award-winning and internationally-published Maternity and Child photographer from Chennai, India. She started her business 'Mommy Shots by Amrita' in 2014 with set ups in Chennai, Bangalore and Singapore. A Canon mentor, Amrita conducts workshops across the country teaching and leading aspiring photographers into the world of Baby and Child Portraiture.

She is a natural story-teller when it comes to portraying children in their element and hence bringing babies and photography together was only a natural move, given the love for the two.

So if you want to tell your child’s story, one unforgettable photograph at a time, do reach out to Amrita to document your happy beginning.


To follow her work, find her on Facebook,Instagram.


2) A name to reckon within the wedding photography industry: MONISHA AJGAONKAR

She had a Nokia 6600 phone in college and was fascinated with the idea of shooting with that camera. That is when she joined JJ College to learn more about photography. Monisha is a Mumbai-based photographer and has travelled through all genres of photography.

At JJ College, Monisha says, she did not learn much as it was a part-time course.

“Schools and colleges are a great medium of learning, but there are some practical experiences that teach us to be more professional. You can only know a certain job or business when you actually begin to work on it. The skills you need, the people you need, the connections you make all become a part of the exposure you have had.

She has been learning on her job every single day. She realises she could do better with a certain camera angle or lighting.

However, that is no deterrent from shooting or taking pictures. The first concert she covered was Blue Frog. Music drives the passion in her.

Photography happened by chance to Monisha, who was pursuing a degree in Psychology from DJ Ruparel College in Mahim. It was then that she realised that she did not want to study this particular subject and dropped out of the course. She was busy exploring different areas in life.

As a photographer, Monisha has learnt that the only way to capture a good memory is by feeling and being fully immersed in that moment. Moreover, she believes that the trends and ways of photography are changing too, and she is constantly on a learning curve during her photography and videography shoots and during interaction with people. 

And this is how Monisha got into photography.


To follow her work, find her on Facebook, Instagram.



One of the most sought after wedding photographers in recent times, Sowmya of Sowmya Photography has carved a niche for herself in a male dominated industry. Brimming with confidence, she spoke of her journey from an amateur photographer to a compel professional! A lady super star in her own right, Sowmya loves capturing every element of the weddings – people, emotions, drama, action, portraiture, landscape, macro, and turning them into single frame of beautiful memoirs.

As a girl, growing up in Bangalore, her love for Photography started as a hobbyist in 2004, although it wasn't until 2010, she realised it was her call, she just wanted it - she felt like she should be a photographer. Before becoming a full time photographer, she travelled with like-minded friends to various destinations just to capture various places and moments.

She had learnt a lot from her friends who are connoisseurs of photography. She wanted to explore her passion and took some time to find out the suitability of this profession. You must say that she has been extremely lucky to have the support of her family. Her parents knew where her heart went and supported her in this venture. Her interest for wedding photography increased when she got married and is thankful to her husband who has been her pillar of strength.

Her Philosophy - She loves that she can see things in a certain way, whether she has a camera or not and with camera she weaves stories and preserves it to be treasured till eternity!!!

Her message to young aspirants:

You should feel it is important to have a lot of patience and interest and ultimately work very hard towards reaching your goal. 


To follow her work, find her on Facebook, Instagram.



Payal Kumar is a sensitive soul who wears her heart on her sleeve, driven by passion, an avid traveller, a Reiki practitioner, always seeking for new adventure and is on an eternal quest to discover who she really is. Since 2008, seeing through her lens has opened up a spiritual journey of self-discovery and expression

In 2011, she quit her fast paced advertising career after 13 years of specialising in relationship marketing and embarked on a new path of destination wedding photography that revealed itself.

She is a very people’s person who believes in building a relationship and becoming one of the family throughout the assignment and beyond.

Her love for capturing sweet romance, celebration, family bonding, merging cultures, vibrancy of colours and the plethora of beautiful raw emotions that express deep seated love drives her to travel across India and the globe to capture all milestone moments in people’s lives and frame them forever.

She also takes up commercial projects capturing maternity, infants, kids, family, corporate portfolios and celebrations and rituals. She also works with NGOs to represent causes she connects with through her camera.

She is based in Mumbai, India and available to take up assignments all over the country and the globe.


To follow her work, find her on Facebook, Instagram.



It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest towards a cherished profession. After a brief stint as an R&D engineer at a reputed product development company, Neeta quit IT towards the end of 2012, moved into the role of a wedding photographer and started her own company. Today, her IT education augments her photography but it is photography that gives her creative expression; enabling her to weave timeless memories out of real moments.

Apart from being a talented photographer, an entrepreneur, creative director, a mentor and inspiration for aspiring photographers, Neeta is also a social media influencer. Neeta is a frequent traveller, loves reading and enjoys long drives! She also loves teaching and conducts workshops and Photo-tours.

To follow her work, find her on FacebookInstagram, www.neetashankar.com.


Though the above are just few of them from a huge bunch of female photographers. Their work too inspire and motivate many other female photographers towards their professional journey.

Inspiring Stories
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