When Nature Photography Goes Wrong
Nature Photography
November 4, 2019

Nature photographs are very beautiful and serene to look at, but it is not something that you just happen to click effortlessly. It is one of the most challenging kinds of photography as nothing, literally nothing except your camera is in your control. The nature, the scene, the light, the subject everything is beyond your control and all you can do is, use your skills and techniques to click beautifully appealing pictures.


Well now, that being said, let me tell you nature photography has its own errors and disasters. It can often get frustrating when nothing goes according to your plan. And at such times you must not lose your calm, instead, you should try your best to make maximum out of this opportunity and click amazing photographs despite. 

Fishing Pier, Pier, Hurricane Destruction, Damage

Image by Paul Brennan 


Here Is What All That Can Go Wrong In Nature Photography:


Changing Weather:

You have done your research, you have checked the weather forecast, you have a mental blueprint of the pictures that you are going to produce on that location. And you will think, ‘What Could Go Wrong?’

This is where the problem starts, as a nature photographer you must register one thing in your mind, that nature is unpredictable. It can surprise you by suddenly changing drastically.

It could start raining heavily or thunderstorms, blizzards or even tornadoes, these things might change your entire plan and make the location unpleasant to be captured. Or simply difficult for you to stand the weather. 



Image by rachmadrinaldie



Aggressive WildLife:

Wildlife photography, popularly comes under nature photography. But you just cannot be as casual around the wild habitat as you are amidst nature. Wildlife photography is all fun and nice until you are at a distance, but sometimes things could go wrong.

Sometimes the animals are very aggressive and they do not like your presence in their habitat. You have to be very cautious and step back in such situations or there is a high chance of you getting attacked or even put your life at risk.

So when you are around wildlife, you should avoid your gut of going closer and getting the perfect shot. You never know, that could end up being your last shot.



This is the worst you could do to yourself. When you are in nature, you will want to get adventurous and click shots from dangerous locations. You will think that maybe this landscape will look more beautiful from the edge of the cliff or the giant wave will look amazing if I go a little bit deeper into the sea. 

But let me tell you, these risks are not worth a shot. You should be very mindful and aware of everything that you are doing. An impulsive decision made with excitement can be dangerous for you.



Image by Steve Buissinne



At last, to avoid uncomfortable situations that you set you back from clicking amazing photos should be taken care of. Which includes little things like, using waterproof comfortable shoes and clothes. Having sufficient food and water on the go, carrying protection for your gears, extra SD card, batteries and a tripod is a must.


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Nature Photography
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