What things are important while shooting candid photographs?
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January 4, 2017

Gone are the days when people always liked to pose for photographs. These days, they are often bored by the traditional style. Candid photography is rising every day simply because of the fact that candid shots look very natural and capture expressions that would otherwise have been missing. Even in event and wedding photography, candid is often the order of the day.



Here are a few tips regarding going candid:

Firstly, I cannot talk about camera settings here, since they will depend on the location, subject, lights and many other external factors that may or may not be in your control.

Carry your camera everywhere. To shoot candid photographs, you must always be ready with your camera to capture the millions of expressions floating around you. Have your camera charged and carry memory cards in case you shoot RAW.

Shoot RAW – You will not have control over the lights. Some shots which captured unavoidable expressions might be over exposed. Shoot in RAW mode to improve images during post production.

Sans flash – Flash is often an asset in traditional photography. It is exactly the opposite in candid photography. You cannot just shower a flash light over an unaware subject if you want the natural expressions to be captured. Hence, leave the flash at home.

Hide – Hiding is important. Your camera must be hidden to capture the candid expressions of the subject. Using a telephoto zoom lens can be a nice option. Move around your subjects to get all the different angles. Try shooting from hip height. If you take your shots by placing the camera at hip height, you will be adding very interesting angles to them, along with different perspectives thus adding to the candid nature of your shots. Keep as silent and unnoticed as possible.



Burst mode – The burst mode or the continuous mode will be very helpful while doing candid photography. Often you will get a single chance to frame an expression of a person. While working with the burst mode on, you will get multiple shots for the expression. This will be a blessing during your post production days.

A second camera – It will be nice if you carry a second camera, preferably a small point and shoot in addition to your dslr. This will also help you go unnoticed.

Composition – This is perhaps the most vital aspect of candid photography. Try shooting people in groups. While in groups, they are going to be at their fluent best with their narratives and their expressions. It’s also highly unlikely that they will notice the camera.

Activity – Take photos of people while they are actually working on something. This will add energy to your photograph. Truthful expressions will also be framed if you do this. This also makes for far more interesting viewing than when a subject is sitting absolutely blank.



I would conclude by saying that candid photography has to be done by going as unnoticed as possible. Catch people unaware with your camera, have your composition right and you will make shots worth viewing repeatedly.

People Photography
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