What Is High Fashion Photography: How Can You Do It?
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September 5, 2019

Fashion photography is a very broad concept. There are various types of fashion photography techniques that will give you a completely different standard of fashion outputs. One of the most visually appealing and difficult to execute amongst all is High Fashion Photography. 


High Fashion Photography is all about exaggeration and creating over the top look using clothing, makeup, hair styling, and the setting. Everything is put together in one picture to create a dramatic look that will be a complete departure from reality.


High Fashion Photography is generally used by high fashion brands and labels to advertise their product in a very appealing elite way. The models featuring are generally actors or supermodels who add on to the glamour quotient in the photograph.


This blog is focusing more on the method of using lighting in High fashion photography. Check out to know how you can execute your basic fashion shoots into high fashion shoots.


Things To Focus On In High Fashion Photography






Lighting in High Fashion Photography is very different from normal fashion photoshoots. The lights here are not merely a source of shadows but they are also used to create more drama into the picture. It exaggerates the effect of art and surrealism in the photo making it look high end.


To create your own effect, you have to most importantly focus on the colour palette that you want to generate and tint the lights accordingly. You can use colour gel on the different lights and manage the intensity according to the pattern of the light.


You can place one light far apart from your model, which will give a nice spread light in the entire room span. The result will be amazing hard shadows around your subject. Along with that, you can use a fill light at about 10ft back from the subject. This will lighten the overall setup highlighting every element in the frame. And at last, you can use a focus light on the model’s face. Which will enhance the dramatic look and makeup.


For understanding it better, Check out this video:

High Fashion Photography Lighting


Compositing In High Fashion Photography:





A composite photograph is not clicked, but it is created by stitching and editing two or more images together to create one photograph. Compositing is a highly used technique in fashion photography as it helps to obtain surrealism and induce a single photograph with more intriguing elements.


One very common technique is clicking panoramas on the site, then cutting and stitching whatever you like from the site. This will help you to fuse one single photograph with multiple things that you can’t possibly click in at one go.


You can simply use bits of a lot of pictures that you might not use as a whole and put them in your master composite. Describing compositing overall means, editing the picture as per your need. 


This technique will help you obtain something that can’t be put into composition that easily. It will give your high fashion photography a very creative and artistic look.


Understand compositing in high fashion photography with the help of this video.

High Fashion Composite Photography


Best Cameras:


It is very obvious to mention how important the role of a camera is in photography. And every kind of photography is done with different kinds of cameras. You have to obviously focus on basic things like size, price, resolution, sensors, and upgradability of your cameras. But here is a list of the best cameras that will give you optimum performance when it comes to high fashion photography.


Canon EOS-5D Mark III

Canon is one of the best brands when it comes to advancement and technology in cameras. And this camera stands up to the mark. Priced around Rs, 3,24000, it is lightweight and super-efficient for creating glamour in fashion shoots.  





With this camera as your primary gear you can definitely reach expertise very soon:

  • Up to 6.0 fps continuous shooting

  • Video capture in AVI, RAW, H.265, MOV and MPEG-4

  • Card slots for CF and SD cards

  • 6fps burst rate HDR mode Magnesium-alloy body,

  • Dust- and weather-resistant

  • Silent mode and Low vibration mode

  • Comes with wide neck strap and camera cover

  • 1-Year Warranty from Canon


Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera

This camera by Nikon is known for its quality and precision in every shot you take. It will be a good investment as a fashion photographer, along with a range of other lenses offered by Nikon to compliment this camera. Roughly priced at Rs. 2,52,000/-





These features will definitely be an add on:

  • Two live view shooting modes

  • AF system features 4 modes

  • Continuous shooting at up to 5 fps

  • Nikon picture control

  • Durable and portable

  • Dual CF card slots

  • 4,400 images per full battery charge


Hasselblad H5D-50

If you are a newbie then you might not have heard about this brand extensively. But Hasselblad serves you goals of two best things i.e precision and technological advancement in the camera industry. 





This medium format camera will help you to shoot sharper images than any other camera. It has a CCD sensor. And here are other notable features:

  • Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 HC AF Lens included

  • True Focus II and Focus Confirm

  • Digital lens correction

  • Fully compatible with Hasselblad H System lens line

  • 3.0″ TFT type LCD display





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