What Is Close-Up And Macro Photography?
Macro Photography
November 11, 2019

Everybody likes to look at things from a broader and bigger perspective. But have you ever looked through your camera into something very detailed? Like you can see through every texture, pattern, color and basically everything that goes on into things.


This is called close up or macro photography. And there is a whole new world that can be captured through this photography.


Say, for example, you always click picture of a tree, or beautiful architecture or a vintage wall clock.  But close up or macro photographs are when you focus on the details of these things. Like the veins on a leaf on the tree. Or the intricate carving that is done on the walls of the architecture. Or even the way the numbers are made in the wall clock. These macro photographs are very unique and creative in itself.


In this blog, I will tell you, how you can click macro OR close up photographs in your surroundings.


Here Is How You Can Do Macro Photography:


Get REALLY Close To The Subject!


When you get close to the subject, you will be able to isolate it from the rest of the things. And that's how you focus on one single object. 

To click good macro photographs, you must try and get as close to the subject as you can. That way your camera can capture all the minute details in it. 

First of all, use a tripod to keep your camera stable. A sturdy camera will give you an unfocused photograph. And you don't want that to happen. So set the tripod close to the subject and set your camera on manual mode. Once you see your subject in good focus, then you can use your composition skills to frame a good photograph. 


What Can Be Your Subject? 


The best thing about macro photography is that you have no limitations. Literally anything can be your subject. Because everything around us has details on it. Even a wall with a rust paint will give you a nice textured macro photograph. Other things like a flower, sand, even the cream on your coffee can be your subject for macro photography. Well if you want to step up. Then you can go for moving objects, like a flying bird or a line of ants moving, or a caterpillar. Or even a flower on a windy day. These are somewhat challenging, you will definitely need a lot of patience to get a good photograph. But once you master the camera settings and add patience to your work, then you will be able to click some amazing close-up photographs of literally anything as your subject. So macro photography need not always be about insects and butterflies. They have beautiful colors and patterns, that's why mostly macro photography mostly revolves around small insects.


Do You Need A Macro Lens? 


It's not a hard and fast rule to click macro photographs with a macro lens. You can use your Primary 50mm lens, to begin with. This lens will give you a good sharpness to your photographs. You just have to keep in mind that every lens has a different minimum focus distance, which ranges from centimeters to half a meter. And you have to make settings according to make your lens suitable for close up photography. So if you are trying to get into macro photography, then it is absolutely fine, to begin with, whatever lens you have. And once you feel like you can do more and that your current lens is stopping you from doing so. Then you can switch into a macro lens.



Macro OR close up photography is very interesting and creative. You just have to be very patient and persistent as a photographer to get better and better each day.

Macro Photography
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