What is abstract photography?
Abstract Photography
December 30, 2016

The word abstract itself paves the way for a confusion regarding the exact definition of abstract photography. To be very honest, this has no definition. However to encircle it, it is defined as a kind of photography which doesn't depict the obvious. Literal meanings don’t have any significance and you need to see the world from a different point of view in order to get the concept of abstract photography.



Clearing the confusion:

Abstract photography can produce unbelievable images. They can depict something surrealistic yet amazingly meaningful. The only criterion is that you should be able to think out of the box. Can your perspective be totally different from that of the common folk? If so, you can clear the confusion and become a professional at this.

Why do abstract photography in the first place:

Abstract photography doesn’t bind your creativity in any way. Photography in general doesn’t do that either, but abstract photography lets your imagination run wild.

Let’s get to different techniques for shooting abstract photography:

It is believed that abstract photography is highly dependent on the ability of the audience to interpret art forms which are not literal, which lacks realistic details yet comes out with something powerful. Abstract photography can be improved if you can improve your sense of form, colour and curve.



Form is nothing but the shape and size of primary subject. The form you are choosing becomes the most important aspect of your photograph since this will be the absolute core of your photograph. Choose a subject that is conceptual, interesting, attractive or even pleasing. The subject will be responsible for grabbing the attention.

There must be something else to help you build around the core. Colours and curves will do this for you. Have vibrant colours and meaningful colour contrasts in your image. This will not let the attention divert from your subject or the concept within your photograph. The colours should have some meaningful significance even if they are not following the worldly detailing. Curves will control the viewer's eye movement. This may seem a bit out of the world but this is so true. Our eyes tend to be attracted by colour contrasts and moved by curves. Curves will add an entirely different dimension to your photograph, provided properly used. You may use your curves in such a way that they do not allow the viewer's eyes to divert from the subject completely.

Once you get a hold of the above concepts, take a look at a few more suggestions to enhance your abstract photography.

Composition and focus - Keeping your subject in focus with a blurry background of a different colour will help your subject stand out.

Game of light and contrasts - Just like colour contrasts you can also use contrast of lights to enhance your photograph.



Lines and textures - Use lines and textures in your photograph in such a way that they become the subject! Lines if synced in harmony may produce amazing results.



There are absolutely no rules. Try making your own while doing abstract photography. Tinker your grey cells and use the wildest of imaginations to carve out a masterpiece!

Abstract Photography
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