What are the recommended settings required for indoor fashion photography?
Fashion Photography
January 5, 2017

You may or may not be a photographer but you have to admit that fashion photography plays an important part in your lifestyle. Fashion photography refers to that genre of photography which is directed towards the display of different kind of apparels, jewelry and other wearables.  The several fashion photographs you normally come across are shot indoors. There is a debate whether indoor fashion photography is easier and simpler than outdoor fashion photography. I am not sure that is the case though.



Here are a few tips for indoor fashion photography.

Firstly, accept the fact that fashion photography is not only about clothes. The apparels will have to be shot in harmony to the body and the energy of the model. Without the perfect combination of exposure, lighting and composition your shots will look dull irrespective of the brand the apparel belongs to.

The kit – I always recommend a full frame dslr. You can make do with a crop frame one too. Lens will be crucial though. Fashion photography requires crisp and crystal clear images of the model. Use fast lenses. I will suggest you to start with 18-55mm and slowly get on to the better lenses like 17-40mm and 16-50mm. Make sure that you have a 50mm fast fixed focal lens preferable with an aperture that opens up to f/1.4 in order to cope with the challenges of light in indoor photo shoots.

How difficult is it – This depends on what kind of photography you are currently up to. If you are regularly doing street photography and outdoor candid photography, this will be relatively simple. The advantages you will have here are that the distance between your camera and the model will be almost constant throughout. You can comfortably have autofocus on for most of your photo shoot. You can stick to the same settings of ISO, aperture and shutter speed all the way through, since the lighting is done entirely artificially. Keep the ISO as low as possible. Remember, you need crystal clear shots here. Even your camera’s megapixel count will come in handy in indoor fashion photography. The aperture and the shutter speed will depend on the light available in the studio.



Lighting – This is the single most significant aspect of indoor fashion photography. The way you play with light and shadow will determine how lively your model looks. Now how do you play this game of light and shadow? More lights don’t mean better lighting. You can do with one light also. For a three point lighting setup, use a powerful key light from above at an angle of 45 degrees to light up the model entirely. Use a softer key light from the opposite side to fill in the harsh shadows created by your key light. It is almost mandatory to use a hair light or a back light. This will make your model pop out from the background. Use diffusers to soften the lights as much as possible to avoid harsh shadows.

The accessories – No matter how good your products are, the model must look lively in your photographs. Use all your creativity while shooting from different angles to bring out the best from the clothes. Try changing the hairstyle of the model to complement the look of your apparels too.



At the end of day, your fashion photographs must not look artificial and out of harmony. It must seem that the model completely fits into those apparels and vice versa!

Fashion Photography
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