What are recommended equipment and settings for street photography?
People Photography Street Photography
January 7, 2017

Street photography is interesting, captivating and even thrilling at times. It seems quite intimidating at first, but it gets really exciting once you start doing it regularly. The reason for this is the streets will no longer be the same for you. The same old lanes you have been through every single day of your life will appear different. They will start presenting you with several subjects which were never present before. Your view of the world will change and with it, your streets!



Here are some tips about street photography.

Equipment - I will always suggest you to carry a full frame dslr. However this comes at a hefty price. You can make do with a crop frame one too. In that case, carry an ultra-wide angle lens (24mm). The best lens for me is the 50mm/f1.4 fast prime lens. You may also, carry a telephoto lens with you, but I will suggest lesser usage of zoom lens. Wide angle lenses are also lighter and easier to carry. A camera hood and a ND filter will be highly recommended. Carry extra batteries since you do not want your camera to get discharged just when you are about to press the shutter!

People and their perspectives - People will be the most important subjects for you. Get close to them, study them and their perspectives and shoot their candid moments. This is where a wide angle lens will come in handy. Get people and their perspective in the same frame. For example, while shooting someone engrossed in thoughts, capture their backdrop if it has something worth thinking about. Get another shot of what they are looking at to build their point of view in your photograph. Remember, street photography is all about creating your own stories through their minds.



Camera settings - For street photography, I will recommend usage of shutter priority mode. A shutter priority mode is used when there is motion involved. In street photography, the challenges you will face will involve motion blurs. I tend to keep the shutter speed at 1/320 sec and change it according to the light available. Going on manual mode can be hectic since there won’t be consistent light at all places. As far as ISO is concerned, I generally keep it low. However since you are on a fast shutter speed, and if you want to capture a long depth of field, a high ISO will have to be used as the aperture is not wide enough. Alter it accordingly, preferably between 400 and 1600.

Zone focusing -This changes the focusing mode of your camera to manual and setting the focus at a certain distance. You will avoid focusing on your subjects each time. Use this in bright conditions to get nice results. With great practice, try mastering this in low light conditions too.



Street photography is all about perspectives, stories and emotions, in a single frame. Throw yourself in the mix and get creative! Enjoy the busy lanes from now on!

People Photography Street Photography
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