Vittal Pindi – Photostory
October 25, 2018

We have with us Vivek Gowda who is a cinematographer, photographer and an emerging entrepreneur, who love to convey stories of human life and condition through video and images. Here he depicted the story of Vittal Pindi which is the famous Sri Krishna Leelotsav celebrations held annually during the Krishna Janmashtami at the world-famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple in Karnataka.

Vittal Pindi – Photostory

The unique aspect of Vittal Pindi is that a clay murthi of Krishna is prepared for the occasion and is immersed in the Madhwa Sarovara Pond. Usually the Utsava Murthi is made of Gold, Silver or Bronze. Mosaru Kudike is one of the major attractions of Vittal Pindi. Many earthen pots filled with milk, butter, and curds are hanged over 15 specially built wooden “gopuras” at regular points on the route of the procession.

As the chariot is about to reach a wooden “gopura,” men dressed up as Yadavas jostle and vie with one another to break open these earthen pots. It is only after breaking the earthen pots at each gopura that the procession moves further. The process of breaking these mud pots is a joy to watch for the devotees. They cheer those in the guise of the “Yadavas” to break the pots. Persons in “huli vesha” and other mythological and religious costumes dance in front of the chariot and add to the splendour of the occasion.





The highlight of Vittal Pindi is the colourful procession of the Utsava Murti. Thousands of people arrive to witness the procession of Sri Krishna. The procession is held in the afternoon and is joined by fancy, folk, and cultural troupes.

Tableau representing episodes from the life of Sri Krishna is part of the procession. During the early hours of the Vittal Pandi day the Janmashtami celebrations, which began at midnight, conclude.

Vittal Pandi is also known as Sri Krishna Leelotsav as the procession is dedicated to the Leelas of Sri Krishna especially those of his childhood. ‘Vittal’ is derived from the word ‘Vittala’ which is Lord Krishna's childhood name. ‘Pindi’ is derived from the word ‘Banda’, which means earthen pot containing milk, curds, butter, and so on.

Sri Krishna in his childhood days was known to break earthen-pots containing milk, butter, and curds.


With the passage of time, ‘Vittala Banda’ came to be known as ‘Vittal Pindi’


About photographer


Vivek Gowda is a cinematographer, photographer and an emerging entrepreneur, who love to convey stories of human life and condition through video and images. Presently he is based in Mangalore, India. He has a production company of his own named “Blink Films”. His areas of expertise are in genres of video editing, cinematography, people and documentary photography. 

He has achieved the 'Best Editor' award from Hamsa TV, year 2017 and won many awards and accolades from different photography contests. Recently he has bagged AFIP (Artist FIP) distinction from Federation of Indian Photography (FIP). 

Vivek’s works represents his dedication towards his passion. Most of his video and images are intensely dramatic and storytelling. 

His Video and Photo Gears: 5D mark 4, Panasonic GH5, 70-200 2.8, 16-35 2.8, Leica 12-60 2.8

His Gears and Software: Adobe Premier pro, Final cut pro, Adobe lightroom





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