Use Of Drones In Today’s Weddings
Wedding Photography
December 18, 2019

You will see now a day in Big fat Indian Weddings, the clients don’t let any scope slip to document their wedding day and other ceremonies. With going to beautiful destinations for a pre-wedding photoshoot to using extremely new and creative ideas for shooting the newlywed couple. The creativity and use of photography are growing maddeningly. And in those same lines, even drones are used today. They are cool and will give you amazing quality videography and photography from angles you must have never thought of before. With drones, you can capture really artistic photographs with the entire crowd included in it. And the massiveness of it is real.

And this wedding season I am pretty sure, even you are looking forward to creating some amazing photographs to cherish for a lifetime. So before you decide to use drone photography in your client’s wedding, here are some points you should seriously consider.


Here Are The Details To Consider Before Using A Drone In Today’s Wedding


1) License And Registration:


To use drones as a medium of cinematography, you should first obtain a license from your local police. And especially if the usage is for commercial purpose then the laws are more strict and hard, depending on the place of your location.

You can also hire some photographer who has the license but make sure you go through all their registration and license papers and get them verified. Because in case of fraud papers the lawsuit will strip down your time for years.


2) Make Sure The Drone Is Covered Under Insurance:


The drone photographers usually have everything insured in advance. But as a client of their service, make sure the insurance is valid and on your end, you can get it insured as well. Because you certainly don’t want the drone to break down and for you to bear all the expenses for the same.


3) Location Permission:


You must be dreaming if you thought that using a drone is allowed anywhere, anytime. Let me tell you, that is not the case. To validate the usage of drones in your desired location, you have to first take permission from the local police, regarding the exact place, time and duration, etc.

Only if it is allowed, they will give you a limited radius to fly your drone in. All of this is done for security and privacy purposes. So before you decide your location, make sure you are allowed to use drones in that location.


4) Cost: 


Drone usage in your wedding can be a very bulky cost for you, with the drone, charges of the photographer, license, permission. And all of this will increase depending on this flight timing and location.

Plus, it’s a wedding so the charges will be high anyway. So the cost is going to be a serious issue if you aren’t prepared to spend good money on your wedding photography.



Apart from all the points I have mentioned above, you also have to look at the weather conditions and if it will allow you to shoot in that location. Also, make sure the drone isn’t too distracting with flight noise.

If you are all set to manage all of this, then you can certainly give your clients some good wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography
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