Tips On How To Improve Your Compositions In Nature Photography
Nature Photography
November 1, 2019

At some point in Nature photography, you are going to feel like your pictures are repetitive. You will end up clicking the same pictures of mountains, trees, clouds, etc. But with better composition techniques, you can make every picture different and creative in its own way.


In this blog, we will focus on some important tips to improve your composition skills in nature photography. With these tips and your standard composition techniques like the rule of thirds, you can certainly become good at Nature photography.


Here Are The Tips To Improve Composition In Nature Photography


Observe The Location:

Before you set your tripod and start clicking photos, you must first observe the location thoroughly. Make a mental note of all the things that you can use as your subject. And all the angles you can take to click the photograph.

Once you are done with that, then it gets easier to frame the picture in the viewfinder of your camera and then figure out if it looks good or not.

This will definitely give you a very creative insight to click any photo. It is also time-saving and you will not get out of ideas quickly.

Also, I suggest you to avoid using a tripod because holding a camera in your hand gives your photos a vivid composition and things look better when the camera is at your eye’s height.



Image By Ronny Overhate


Block Method Composition:

It is a very interesting way of composing a photograph, especially in nature photography where there are way too many objects to keep a focus on.

In block method composition, you simply keep the focus on one single object and keep everything else Out from your field of focus.

Say for eg: you are capturing a mountain, then you keep all the flowers, trees, animals, etc out of focus, and just let the camera focus on the mountain. By that, you can create your own story without having to say much.


Find Patterns And Then Break Them:

Patterns are very eye-catchy. They are similar and engaging as a whole. But the symmetry in them is what makes it interesting.

Next time you find a pattern, don’t try to capture that pattern with perfection, instead, find an object that will break the pattern.

This object here will catch all the eyes and become the focal point of the photograph on its own.



Image by Jim Semonik


Layer Your Photograph:

Layers add volume and depth to a photograph. And you will find multiple layers in nature. Like the layers formed by sand dunes, or mountains.

Or even the trees planted one behind another. In a dense forest, are good layers to capture. To talk on a smaller scale, the waves of water and a lot of leaves on a tree also have layers in it. You just have to be very alert to click photographs with creativity.



Image by Hermann Schmider



You must already have come across a lot of composition techniques, but when you use these simple tips in your photography, you will definitely be able to click good photographs on your next nature photography trip. Just keep in mind, to always be creative and think out of the box when the camera is in action.


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