Travel Photography: Equipment and Travel Checklist.
Travel Photography
October 9, 2019

Traveling always involves a lot of planning and organizing. Some tips and best practices to follow, when you are stepping out for doing some Travel Photography.

Here is a checklist that will ease your life and make your Travel photography much more enjoyable.


1 Take what is necessary.

Some people carry a lot of gear and equipment when they go out for travel photography. Keep in mind that you need to travel light. Therefore only carry those pieces of equipment that are extremely necessary.


2 Make a List

Make a list of what all equipment you are about to carry. This will be handy when you pack and unpack after you are done the shooting. Also, this will help you track equipment which you have carried but not packed, preventing you from forgetting anything on the location of the shoot.


3 Remember what goes where

If you have a camera bag, that has padded compartments for camera accessories. Then try to remember what piece of equipment goes into which compartment. This will save you a lot of time during the shoot as you won’t be looking for things. This is one of the best practices every photographer must follow.


4 Location Scouting

If you are going to a particular place for the first time, do some basic research on the internet. Check for images of that location. You need to do some homework before you actually get to shooting. Check for Sunrise and sunset timings. If it’s a beach location then check for high tide and low tide timings. Often there will be locals who would suggest you visit a particular place which is a tourist attraction. Also, try to find out other places which may not be the most famous places to visit but can be amazingly photogenic.


5 Note down the places you visit

It is a good habit to carry a small note pad or a diary to note down the names of the places you visit while traveling. This will help you when you upload your photos on various social media platforms after you are done with your post-processing.


6 Carry portable memory devices

If you plan to travel for a longer duration, then see to it that you carry enough memory cards so that you don’t run out of storage space. Also if possible do carry your laptop to take back-up of images that you click. Carry OTG pen drives or GNARBOX which will allow you to take back up on the move.


Here is a downloadable version of the checklist 

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