Travel becomes strategy for accumulating photographs
Travel Photography
February 16, 2018

We have done few of the travel related articles and we know it is of great use for all the budding photographers and photography enthusiasts out there. If you go places and love travelling then you must have something within you to take the pictures of that place to share with your folks or to keep it with you. And if you click pictures for other people to view it, then it becomes a responsible task to click great pictures of each place so that people can relate to your photography. You are actually making people travel to those places virtually through your photographs, so your pictures have to be rich and classy. The quality of your pictures has to be so good that everyone who watches the picture somehow feels in his mind that he is in that place. So, here are few tips to improve your travel photography. 

1. Dive deep into the culture

It is very important for you to understand the culture of the place where you are heading to for your holiday. If you understand their culture well and try to involve more into that, you tend to relate better about the place through your pictures. If you are heading to Nepal for your holiday, then you should know about the belief they have with their flags, monuments, houses and other things. If you know these well, you can make your travel photography much more than monuments or parks of that place. Also, try to be exclusive with your pictures and shoot everything with is tad offbeat and relates about the place more. 



2. Stay away from the cliched shots 

It is very important for you to stay away from the clichéd and the same old shots. If you stay away from the typical and the clichéd shots, then you become more noticeable as a photographer. Your work is more praised because you show something which was not very common. If you are going to holiday in Goa, then avoid taking typical shots of beaches along with the shacks. Instead, take the shot of the beach from any other direction where the story can be different. These help you make a better travel photography


3. Keep researching

Research is the key these for better travelling. Google has made our lives totally easy and most of us tend to see all the places that beforehand on google and a good research and then head out for holidays. In this case, you know where you will be going and for what purpose. To make your travel photography better, you can also choose those places whose pictures have been covered less on the internet and go ahead and shoot those pictures. This will not only help you explore the new places but you will also be praised for shooting those pictures which are really uncommon and show a different side to your photography. 


4. Try to approach localities of that place

All the local people play a major role in your travel photography. So, it becomes very important for you to reach those people out there. If you go out and reach more people, there are higher chances that you will know more about the place and you will be able to do your photography in a better sense. Also, capturing the localities in their actual condition, in their houses and work (of course with their permission) will also help you to show a different and a real side of life from the same place. Doing all these makes you different from other photographers from the league. 


5. Like we said, be different from the league

As we said in the previous point, be different from the league. A good idea on how to be different from the league is to search the pictures on the internet to the place where you are going for the holidays. Make a note and have a good research about what kind of pictures are available on the internet of that place. And you have to avoid taking those kinds of pictures because if you take the same shots, you will be a part of the crowd. No one is going to reach you especially for seeing your travel pictures. So, a good thing is to be different from the league and take innovative pictures and bring that to the notice of people. In this case, people or your followers would know you and would always try to reach you for your travel pictures. For instance, there are people who want to see the pictures of Goa more than just the beaches, so you can be their inspiration in this case. 


6. Keep the importance of time checked

There are few places or few sights which can be seen in a particular time only. For example, sun rise in Mahabaleshwar is something you don't want to miss if you there at that place. So, you have to get up early and head out to shoot. Similarly, there are afternoon times in Rajasthan in which you can see the lives of people in sultry hot weather, so you have to go out and click during those hours. In this way you have to understand the importance of time otherwise you will not be able to click great pictures and somehow your travel cannot be utilised properly in this sense, which is very important. Also, try to visit the same place twice, if you can because you may get a new story every time from the same place, which is going to make your travel photography better. 


Travel Photography
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