Top 5 Wedding Photographers in India you need to follow
Wedding Photography
December 12, 2019

Indian weddings are not smaller than a big fat Indian festival. It is full of colors, a lot of people and a constant mood of joy in the air. To capture the true essence of an Indian wedding, you must really toughen your skills and get on board. Because every wedding is going to give you new experiences, and along with that will come new challenges.

Today in this blog, we are trying to broaden your area of perspective, with these amazing photographers and their work. Check out the blog to see the work of some of the top wedding photographers in India.


Here Are The Top Wedding Photographers Of India You Must Know About


Ramit Batra:



Ramit had a career twist when he realized his heart lies in handling the camera. He quit his engineering career and got into the animation industry in Mumbai. Later while experimenting with friends and dealing with his students, he found his true calling towards his passion for wedding photography. Ramit has received multiple awards for his work as a wedding photographer and he continues to like his job, mostly because he gets to travel and experience various cultural weddings.





Check out more of his photographs on his official website:


Sephi Bergerson:


Sephi is a leading travel photographer who is slightly more inclined towards wedding photography. He has, in fact, published his own book called ‘Behind The Indian Veil – A Journey Through Weddings in India’ where he tried to explore and explain various traditions in India and their big weddings, through his photographs.





Check out more on his official website:


Navdeep Soni:



Navdeep and his team are very diligent towards wedding photography. Some of their works have also been featured in prominent media like Asian photography, National Geographic and Times of India. His specialty is candid wedding photographs in destination locations.





Check out his official website for more inspiration: 


Arjun Kartha:


Arjun likes to call himself the non- wedding, wedding photographer. He says he likes to create pictures that are not very cliche. Arjun himself is a well-acclaimed wedding photographer in India, and along with his wife Praerna, they manage a complete wedding shooting service called ‘Twogether Studios’.


This Delhi based couple has shot multiple weddings beautifully not just in India but also in abroad destination weddings.





Click here to check out more of their work:


Mahesh Shantaram:



Mahesh is an Independent photographer based in Bangalore, India. His work as a candid wedding photographer is used as a good reference across the nation, all the time. Mahesh is very fond of shooting the reality beneath his eyes and he aims to capture the Indian weddings with the same eyes, of documentation, complexity and contemporary India.




Click on his official website to know more:




These are just a few to name, but there is inspiration everywhere. Research more, follow more wedding photographers on Instagram. And read personal blogs by these ace photographer, for their views and opinions. There is creativity everywhere. You just have to take it in and implement everything you learn in your own work. That way you will grow as a photographer.


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Wedding Photography
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