Top 5 Drones In The Indian Market 2020
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March 17, 2020

Drones are now made easily available to all. Even a common person who can hold the right skills can now buy their own drone and a license to fly it. A lot of brands make drones for a different purpose, with different features, skill levels, and budget range, suiting everybody’s needs. Hence making the right choice becomes very difficult before purchasing a drone for yourself.


In this blog, we are going to explain to you features of the top 5 drones in India, as of 2020 and we hope you are able to make the right choice amongst the same.


Here Are Top 5 Drones Available In Indian Market In 2020


DJI Mavic Pro Drone:


DJI has been making drones for years suiting various needs of photography. And as pf 2020, the Mavic Pro tops the list in the Indian market. The DJI Mavic Pro is a top-notch lightweight drone, and its body is made of plastic to make the flying range even easier. The video and photo quality is impeccable even from a higher and wider range. The sensor is of 12mp and is capable of making 4k videos. The Mavic Pro can recognize obstacles from a distance of 49 feet and self adjust itself for the safety. And to top that, it has sensors on all the four sides to avoid a collision


Kiditos Syma Pocket Drone:


The Kiditos Syma Pocket drone is again a very light with a weight of 81.6g and can fly up to 20m above the ground. It is designed to tackle high-speed wind and self adjust the altitude. Well, the best feature of all the drones is what we get in this pocket drone. It has a special One-click feature, which can make the drone fly or land just at a single click. Besides that, it also lets you use the 360-degree rotation just in a click. 


Izi MJX B3 RC Quadcopter:


Another great design to top the list, with the one-click feature to take off and land, it can bring the drone to the same spot of flight in case of emergency, like battery low or obstacles. This is a great choice for filmmakers with its ‘Follow Me’ mode that will let you set your focus on one object and then follow its action wherever it goes. This drone gives you a flight of 22 minutes and also allows you to attach your own camera to the body.


DJI Tello Drone:


The DJI Tello comes with an intelligent Intel chip inserted in it which helps you to process the data as it is been captured. It has a 5MP camera which along with the Intel chip lets you create great quality photographs and videos. It can fly up to 50m from the ground, has image stabilization and can be connected to a phone app for instant access to the footage.


DJI Spark Selfie Drone:


The  DJI Spark is very lightweight and compact compared to other drones. It has a flight range of 100m and can be operated using a smartphone. It comes with head collision technology to deal with obstacles better. The aerial video is great, but the quality of images is a bit of a compromise in comparison to DJI Mavic Pro Drone:




These were the top 5 drones you must consider buying in 2020. But before buying them, list down your needs and requirements so you can get a better understanding of what to expect. And only buy something that is most compatible with you. 

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