Tips to tell story through your street photography
Street Photography
January 31, 2018

Do you believe that photography is not the art of the camera but the art of the photographers? If yes, we can feel you and we can understand your passion towards photography. Photography is an art of storytelling. A successful photographer always aims to depict the stories through his photographs. If one deeply sees a portrait or any picture, he/she can frame that there is a hidden story in that picture. And street photography is that genre of photography where a photographer always aims to relate any message or story. It is never empty and it is never vivid. And if you are a beginner and would also like to share a great story without speaking through your street photography, then these tips are must to cover. These are some of the tips to tell the story through your street photography.

Also, you have to be ready before hand with the type of street photography you have to do and the type of story which can be depicted through it. These will somehow in return also help you to improve your photography.


By this we mean you have to first search some great street photography already done by the photographers. While doing this research, you will come to know about the different sides of a street photography and you can note down some points which could be helpful for you as well. If you have worked with any professional photographer, you can directly take their help but if you haven't then you can just take the help from the master of all and that is the internet. You need to focus on a particular picture and understand its depth and the story it tells. Also, you need to research about the technicalities involved in that picture. Seeing other people's work would also give you an idea about your topics and work. 




One of the easiest tips to tell the story through your street photography is to select a place of your choice and stick to that place. You have to go the same place to get your street photography done again and again. The benefit of this trick is that you can get consistent at one place and you can click the variety of pictures which would help you in selecting the best picture taken from the best angle. The best thing is to select any nearby place so that you already know that place very well and you can yourself create variations from that place. You can click various pictures and show different sides of the same place and depict different stories according to your perceptions through the same place. 





Clicking the pictures is not the final thing but editing plays a very important role in the photography too. You need to figure out which are the best-taken pictures by you and then you have to collect all the best taken pictures by you and make a folder for it. You can take all these pictures and sit for editing them and focus on the correct areas and the good editing. Also, you can make a collection of these pictures in the light room and save them. You can make the portfolios of your work in these ways. 




One of the most common thing which people try to depict through the street photography is the emotions. Pictures are a window to the soul. They are a creative way to express yourself that anyone regardless of health or artistic ability can achieve. The emotions and the gestures are those things which can be conveyed very easily and most people tend to capture that in the street photography. Through the expressions on the people's face, lots of stories and tales could be depicted which could be beneficial for you. If you are out on the street, try to focus on everything which is going around and be quick enough to capture the emotions and gestures of the people who are there on the streets and make your pictures strong. The streets are packed full of emotion. From the embrace of two lovers to the excitement of the performers, there’s always something to capture. That said, most people are either too afraid to get great street photos, or they’re too weighed down by their equipment to capture the moment before it’s gone. 




When one tries to relate something through their work, any work, it is always the reflections of their thoughts, their personality, and their life. Same thing happens in the case of photography. While you are clicking some pictures you will always have something running in your mind and at that time you will always relate your pictures to your mood. If your mood is jolly or if you are a jolly kind of person and likes to spread to positivity, you would always click happy pictures which are taken on a good note. If your mood is not good or if you are a serious person who likes grey in everything, you would tend to relate some serious story through your photography. And this technique really works in bringing out the story clearly because you will share the things which you feel very easily. 




You must preplan all your shoots and keep a note ready that what all you want to click and how are you going to click them all. But, photography is a bit different from the other things. Sometimes, things do not go as you have planned. And in the case of street photography, it becomes more erratic. May be you have planned certain things in your mind and want to click that way but circumstances do not favour you, what would you do in that case? Would you panic? No, instead you should be spontaneous enough to click whatever is appealing and useful to you at that moment. 



So, these were some of the tips to tell the story through your street photography. These tips would also help you to enhance your street photography skills too. 

Street Photography
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