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May 24, 2017

The global warming and the UV rays scenes are too serious from few years. The sun seems to be upset with us way too much. I mean we always faced scorching heat in the mid-April and the during the entire month of May, previously. But from the last year, summers is hitting the floors since the month of March. It is extremely difficult to function in the ever raising temperature. And photography in the midday sun at this temperature is nearly impossible. The sunrise time seems to be the best and lightest time to shoot during the summers and also sunset is a good time. But midday sun is like giving off a Maths exam for an average student. Well, mid day is also the time when most people take pictures because that is a casual time. Well, there are few tips to photograph in the midday sun in summers. Let us check out what are they.


Photographing shadows is also one of the most beautiful aspects of the photography. I always used to photograph the different kinds of shadows in the mid day sun with my phone's camera. That was a bit of amateur photography but still, I found that I enjoyed clicking shadows as well. And searching for the shadows in the mid day sun and clicking its photos is also a great idea. You can always go out and search for the distinctive objects and their beautiful shadows in the mid day sun. Once you click the shadows you will find that the shadows are even more beautiful and creative than the objects. So the basic idea here is to ditch shooting the objects and swear on only shooting the shadows. This is one of the most creative tips to photograph in the mid day sun.




If you are one of those who loves to shoot water, then this trick is probably for you. During the mid day sun, the light of the sun is just above the water body and this creates a dramatic and huge reflection on the water body. The thing which you wish to click will be in the direct light and the water will be in the shade. The beautiful reflections can be seen on the water body and if you have the background which is very colourful like if there are trees and flowers near the water body, then the reflection tends to be more colourful and pretty. In this case, also you can ignore the actual object and you can click the beautiful reflection on the water. Trying variations in the photography is going to help you a lot in discovering yourself as a photographer.




Another important tips to photograph in the mid day sun is to find the shade at this hour of the time. Shades are the best thing during the peak hour of the sun when the sun is directly over our head. You can easily find the shades under the big trees, or under the buildings or the under the roof of the houses and so on. You can also find the shadows at the opposite side of the bright white buildings where you are facing. The shadows are great in the mid day sun hour as they provide an even and soft light especially for the colourful objects and also those objects which have different shapes. Shooting the natural things in the soft light of the shadows like the flowers in the mid day sun is also a nice move because they are naturally delicate and colourful which matches the best with these lights.




As I told in the beginning of this article that shooting in the mid day sun during the summers is not an easy task at all. You cannot try different variations and cannot go to more places for exploring. There are high chances of you getting dehydrated and tired because of the scorching heat and the high temperatures. So, one way to not get so much exhausted is to pre-plan some stuff before you go out to click at this hour. Make sure that you are going to click only three to four pictures at a particular location. Do not stress yourself and try different angles. You can just stick to the basic and your strong areas and click the pictures. In this way, you won't be impatient and tired and you can have some good pictures at your leisure. All you have to do is just be smart and pre-plan the things. These tips to photograph in the mid day sun will help you a lot in this season.


Exploring the places and the opportunities for photographing is always a good move but do you feel you can easily do these in the mid day sun in the summers? I guess, probably not. So, when you are out already just go and explore some more. You can scout some locations for the next shoot. Make a list of the all the locations which you have visited and make a note of it in a diary. Write about its weak and the strong points in the sense of photography. You can then simply ignore the weak areas and focus on the stronger ones. You can also make a note of the distance required to cover a particular location and so on. Also, figure out and study whether you can shoot at those places in the golden hour or during the sunrise or not. These tips to photograph in the mid day sun will help you a lot.

Well, these tips to photograph in the mid day sun are really going to help you every time. All you need to do is be smart and focus on the stronger areas and work accordingly.

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