Tips to improve your food photography
Food Photography
October 31, 2017

Food photography has been very popular lately and we can surely applaud Instagram for this. Earlier professionals used to capture the food from various places and upload it on Google or on the restaurant's website, or some food ordering apps. But now, since every person has a smart phone with them, how can they resist to capture the fancy food they eat. We see lots and lots of posts on Instagram of food on daily basis with creative hashtags and the pretty filters. We believe most of the people are into food photography these days and that this is the reason we could find so many food bloggers and YouTubers on the social media. It does not matter if you are photography enthusiast or not, if you love to click the pictures of the food, here are some tips to click food photography, for you. We assume this could be of great help and next time when you want to Instagram your favourite food, you know how to click it right. These tips are basically the choice of angles.


You may have to stand on the chair for trying out this angle. We hope you don't mind that. Anyways, this angle is very popular in food photography and you must have seen most of the pictures taken at this angle only. The reason is that the entire food is covered and the pictures look really attractive through this angle. If your dish has lots of components then this angle is the best to show all. And even if your dish is plain and you have lots of things on the table to cover in the frame, this angle is again quite preferable. This angle may not be good for photographing layered food items like burgers or sandwiches but for pizzas and macaroons, it is great.



This one is probably the easiest shot and the shot which most people prefer because they can sit and click the picture, very normally. People tend to follow this angle the most because of first of all, it is very easy to click the view on the table from where you are sitting. And secondly, it covers the entire food in a good way and hence the picture turns out to be great and the mission is successful and people are happy. But since everyone is clicking at this angle, it becomes totally boring and your creativity somehow gets mixed in the crowd. But for the beginners, it is always a great idea and you can still do a lot in this angle as well. You can keep some add ons near the food to make it look pretty and while posting, you can semi blur the extra things and sharpen the food to make the picture look, excellent.



Like we said to click on some add-ons to make the picture look pretty, you can take the add-ons to another level. You can take all the extra food items on your table and gather them at one place. You can also take your pretty and colourful drinks preferably cocktails and mock tails and include that in the picture as well. Instead of just crowding the picture, you can blur the extra things or you can place it in a unique story telling manner and portray a nice picture.



This shot is a bit different and not that common and you won't easily spot a food picture shot through this angle. This is a bit advanced photography. This angle is good for capturing the detailing of the food and it is good to capture the food intimately and not miss out any details from it. The high-resolution camera and the lens are capable of capturing these shots in the best way. It could be abit difficult to take shots from the smart phone at this angle but, if you have a great photographer's eye and you have a smart phone with a very nice camera, you can surely go ahead with it. The close-up shots with the camera can help to click pictures in such angle. If you want to try out something new, you can definitely try this and you can excel in food photography.



If you are eating in a good place and the interiors of the place are amazingly well, you can click the food by including the interior of the place. You can take the food and place in a nice background of the place and click the picture including that background. You can play with the background while editing. You can fade the background and highlight the food item. Also, you can blur the background or can use black and white filter for the background and keep the food item coloured. The backgrounds can play a great role in making your food photography more exciting.



By this I mean, you can use your hands, utensils, other dishes, people and other things in your frame and make your food photography more enticing and adorable. For example, if you are eating noodles, instead of capturing the noodles in a bowl, you can use your hands and chopsticks and lift the noodle and then click the picture. You can ask someone else to pose for you and you can click. Or you can also take the benefit of the pretty and colourful utensils and pour the food in it, and then click the picture. This may not be an angle precisely but a technique to click food photography.


These were some of the tips and angles to click food photography. These would help you to click food through various angles. These tips would make you excel in clicking some pictures.

Food Photography
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