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July 19, 2017

No matter whether you are in photography techniques or not but still you always want your picture to be crisp and bright. No one likes the heavy or the unclear pictures. Most of us prefer the pictures which are taken in the studio because there we can have a dark and a solo coloured background which makes the photos crisp. And if you are into photography and you are learning too many techniques and tips to improve your photography then here we are giving you the tips to click pictures and create portraits with a black background. It is not a very difficult task which is to be taught a lot with lots of technicalities. Yet, some technical features are obviously needed and we have tried here to bring some technical tips ion not so technical formats.

So, if you really want to click some professional pictures and create the portrait with a black background then you got to check these tips and techniques.


As we believe and have been constantly telling that, light plays a very important role in the photography. Everything is based on light and the time of the shoot. Though it is the photographer's eye and mind that captures the perfect click yet some external factors play great roles. Hence, light tends to be the important external factor. You need to check out where the light falls off. If the subject is near to the source of light, the subject tends to be brighter and this can get into the extremely opposite direction when you start moving away from the source of light. The availability of light disappears as the subject moves far from the source of light.




If you keep a person in front of a white background near the source of the light, you will see that the picture has a clear white background. But if you push the person away from the source of light and also push them a little beyond the white background then you can see a difference in the picture. You don't have to change the exposure or anything else and still, you will see some differences. This only happens because of the source of the light and distance of the subject with the source of the light. So, if you push the background far away and take the subject a bit far from the source of light then also you can see the black backgrounds having crisp pictures. You can also read the science of dynamic range of camera sensors and you can create portraits having a black background.




We just talked about the science of dynamic range but what is that exactly. It is basically the measurement from the darkest to the lightest item which can be seen. The eye of the camera is inferior to the human eye and it cannot see better in both the dark and the light areas at the same time. For instance, when a picture is taken of a bird in the bright light, you can see its details properly and also the dog sitting in the shadow, at the same time. But the camera cannot see both these things at the same time. You need to be careful while you are photographing things indoors, because natural light is not so excellent there.


Obviously, to create the portrait with a black background you need to have a black backdrop. You need to throw some extra light onto the subject and expose them correctly in the brighter end of the dynamic range then this phenomenon will make the rest of the image set into darkness. This is a bit technical and you got to know more about the dynamic range situation in this case.




The best setup for the portrait, in this case, is that you have to make the natural light hit the subject in the best possible way. If you see that the background is not appearing to be extreme black then, in that case, all that you have to do is throw some more natural light onto the subject. This would make the backgrounds look deep black. After this technique, rest of the things can be settled with some post processing techniques. You can change the colour balance and also balance the exposures. Also, you can use the inverse square law which is also the natural law in such cases.




To create portraits with a black background, it is very important to use the correct post processing techniques. You may have to include various editing processes like sharpening, managing the highlights, shadows, or also the exposures. Also, the contrast plays a great role in the entire post-processing technique. Also, for brightening the subject you can use the reflectors and some illuminating objects as this make the post processing easier. For the backdrop, if you are using the black cloth then you can use the black velvet cloth because it absorbs the light in the best possible way. Also, stretch the backdrop cloth nicely so that the folds do not appear in the image. Being smooth and free from the creases absorbs more light and also makes the post processing much easier. The entire post-processing depends on the tricks which you use wisely for clicking the pictures. If you avoid the imperfections then you can always click some great portraits having the black background.



These were some of the easiest tips which are jotted here to help you click and create portraits having a black background. As we said these are some technical tips and we tried to bring it to you without being much technical and also along with some instances.

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