Tips that will help you market your photography on Instagram
Basic Photography
March 12, 2018

Instagram is a powerful platform and you can use it to add to your success as a photographer.


Your account should represent your best professional self. Ensure that your bio is appropriately filled; a brief intro and a way for potential clients to contact you.

Identify what makes your photography unique and build your brand. You can either choose one photography specialty for your account or you can maintain a consistent look and feel while showcasing different photography specialties. 


Your account in being consistent with your brand should show the best of your work. You can utilize Instagram’s stories feature to show behind the scenes content to make yourself relatable.


With Instagram’s success have come a variety of tools designed to make promoting your work easy. Convert to business profile – This will give you access to Instagram’s analytics tools which you can use to optimize your content.

Timing plays an important role in increasing your reach on Instagram and consistency is the key. Analyse your engagement and decide on your post frequency. Use scheduling apps like Hootsuite ,Later to maintain your post frequency.

Decide the size of the images you post. They can be square, horizontal or vertical – whichever you choose, be consistent. You can use tools like Squaready to frame your images to maintain a consistent look. You can use tools like 9square to have grids so you don’t compromise on the details.


It’s all connected

Make sure that all your social media accounts are connected. Embed Instagram on your website and mention your website details in your Instagram bio. Add your Instagram account to your Facebook Page, if you have one. Use can use apps such as Zapier to post your Instagram images to your Twitter account. 

It's a community

Respond to your comments. Build a community; like, comment and interact with your commenters. Collaborate with photographers and reference them to increase your reach. Tag the businesses you work with. Partner with influencers. Networking is very important and mutually beneficial.



Use hashtags strategically. Create a unique hashtag that represents your photography brand. You can use apps like tags for likes to find appropriate tags. Using the right amount and right type of hashtag significantly improves your reach. 


Do you want to know more about photography? Peruse a world of photography tips here. Learn more through workshops.

Basic Photography
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