Tips On How To Create Compelling Nature Photography
Nature Photography
November 8, 2019

It is a common misconception amongst amateurs that, learning all the technical aspects of photography is automatically going to make them a good photographer.  But let me tell you, it's not just the techniques but also the storytelling skills that make you nature photography compelling.


And as much as storytelling is an art, you can still learn it with the help of the right tips and inspiration from other photographers. In this blog, you will find out amazing tips to create compelling nature photographs and pace up your storytelling skills. 


Here Are Some Amazing Tips To Create Compelling Nature Photographs 


Understanding The Natural Light:

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If there is one thing that decides the creativity of your photograph, then it has to be the lighting. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as good lighting or bad lighting. When you are in nature, doing photographs then there is only one light - the natural light. And to get the perfect shot, you must understand the light.

Not all lightings are the same, every place has a different sunrise light, different sunset light and even the golden hour is different everywhere. So to create a photograph, you have to know the behavior and the importance of light in your photograph. 

So when you are in the middle of the day, and the sun is bright and harsh, you can use it to compose a compelling frame. Or you can use the light of the golden hour to create some drama. 

To create compelling nature photographs, you have to first train your eye to identify the use of different light tones. 


Focus On The Subject:

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Every photograph revolves around a subject. And to create a good photo, you must understand how to focus on your subject. Not just focus on camera settings, but compose, frame and make use of light in such a way that the viewers will know what you tried to capture in a frame. 

Use a shallow depth of field in a chaotic environment. But sometimes that will not be sufficient alone. You will also want the lighting to be right. 

Say, for example, you want to capture the Northern lights. These lights are sometimes visible in the daylight, but they are definitely more attractive in the night time. So to get the perfect shot, you must wait until the night. 

You can create a story through your photograph when you know your subject. And to know your subject you must know what you want to capture.


Pay Attention To The Details :

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As a nature photographer, I know it is very natural to get fond of landscapes. They are big, colorful and have a lot of content in them. But, have you tried to focus on the other details in nature? 

Like the rays of the sun, or the shades of leaves on a tree or the waves, or patterns created by sand. These are all the little things we overlook most of the time. 

But trust me, they have the most important stories to tell. These are very compelling parts of nature, which leave the essence of a place in every photograph.

So next time you are out in nature, try to capture the little details. It is compelling, creative and definitely unique.



These tips are very simple, probably you must have heard about them a million times.  But next time when you are on the field, I want you to think about these things consciously. And if you understand it, then you'll definitely be able to create some compelling and creative nature photographs. 


Nature Photography
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