Tips for making wedding photos unusual and charming
Wedding Photography
July 27, 2018

Wedding photography is already an industry in itself!

It has grown leaps and bounds. The number of wedding photographers is increasing every day and so are the demands. I will discuss some points as to how you can stand out from the crowd and build a niche for yourself.


1. Talk to the couple

This may seem to be a very simple thing to do, considering talking to your client is obviously mandatory while getting the contract. But this talk that I am referring to is not a business talk. It should be a discussion considering them as friends rather than clients. It should be a discussion regarding their exact and precise requirements, their journey so far and all other details which you may find relevant in building certain memorable images.

2. Location scouting

If you thought location scouting is required only for landscape and street photography, think again! Visit the wedding site well in advance and if necessary multiple times so that you don't need a map on the wedding day. Remember, you will be working as a team and hence positioning your team members is also going to be extremely crucial and hence each of you should be well accustomed to the site.

3. Homework

The memorable images you want to make have to be made in your mind, well before the wedding has even begun. They have to be planned in advance properly and a plan B needs to be in place too. Weddings will involve a lot of last-minute adjustments and not all of them will be properly informed to you. Think of the location and all the several angles from where you can shoot and make a proper shot-list out of that.

4. Gear and other accessories in extra

This is probably a clichéd advice to any photographer. An event like this is going to take a lot out of you, your team and your gear. Make sure you carry extra batteries, camera bodies, lenses, chargers and memory cards. You don't want to blame a missed shot on the lack of storage space later, during delivery. No matter how simple this may seem, it is very important to shoot hassle free and it will go a long way to getting your creative juices flowing freely.


5. Teamwork

Shooting a wedding will require a team. You cannot cover everything on your own. As a leader of your team, you must assign specific roles to each member of the team. You don't want them coming up to you on the wedding day, with juvenile questions! There must be photographers dedicated to the bride, candid shots, traditional shots, family portraits as well as a few intricate details, including but not limited to the food and other decorations

6. Shot list and story of the couple

As mentioned above, the story of the couple should be known to you. I find shooting a wedding quite fulfilling when I know their journey. It helps me develop a shot list of my own. When I share this with my clients, it gets their creativity flowing too, resulting in them coming up with some shots of their own. This actually will help you elongate your own shot list, thus giving you a lot of options.


7. Bride, groom and crowd management

Weddings involve crowds. Get ready to have your images photo bombed unless you have a proper angle set up for your shoot and someone to manage the crowd for you. Get someone from your team to do that during the all-important wedding rituals. Talk to the couple for their cooperation in this regard.

8. Rituals and schedule

Each wedding is going to be different. Considering the several castes, creeds and religions we have, the rituals will vary like anything! Note down all the rituals and their schedules well in advance to plan properly. You have no second chance at a wedding and you definitely don't want surprises on the big day.

9. Intricate details

I prefer having one photographer in my team dedicated for intricacies. I prefer to call him / her decorative photographer. That team member should be assigned to shoot only the decorations, the chandeliers, the bouquets and all other materialistic objects around. Don't forget the food and other refreshments. He should not be given the additional burden of taking shots of the couple or their families. Remember, your clients will ask you for the location shots also.

10. Unique perspective

This is where you will have to create your own class of wedding photography, separating you from the herd. Look out for unique perspectives for normal objects. Try capturing those angles, which you have not seen a lot previously. Make sure that you get all the emotions captured, and mind you there will be a plenty! You are delivering them some memories of a lifetime. You need to live up to this statement!

11. Parents and family shots

The bride and the groom may be the stars of the wedding but we all love to be around our loved ones during the big days of our life. Parents will be displaying various emotions to be captured by your team in order to deliver an album worth enjoying repeatedly.

12. Colours and X-factor

A wedding will have a lot of vibrancy about it. The colours, the glamour, the decorations all add up to the vibrancy of the event. Your images should be able to reproduce the same to the people who did not even attend the wedding. Capture all the colours available at the location. Processing of the images needs to be done perfectly to reproduce the vivid grandeur of the big occasion.


Summing it up, I would advise you to follow these guidelines as I believe they may be of considerable help to you since I have gained these from my experience of shooting weddings and other events. Delivering an album worth dying for must be on your mind all the time. That will be great for your client and your business.

Wedding Photography
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