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February 22, 2019

Everybody enjoys and appreciates a beautiful sunset and regardless of how cliché it may sound, no photo collection is complete without sunrise or a sunset picture.


But have you ever wondered, “Why my sunset photos don’t look like the way I saw it?”  Taking beautiful sunset pictures can sometimes be challenging.  However, if you keep a few tips in mind, capturing the last rays of the day and the golden light can be a very satisfying experience.  Let me guide you through this:


** Image courtesy Pixabay.  

1.     Golden Hour – It is the short stretch of time just before sunrise or sunset.  This window of time when the sun is at a low angle gives the most opportunities for a beautiful shot. The light is more red and soft than when the sun is up high in the Sky. 

 You could target the warm colors as the sun nears the horizon or the tinge of brightness in the background and in reflections.  Make the Most of the golden hour.


** Image courtesy Deepa Jathar.  

2.     White Balance – Simply put, white balance is all about how warm or cool the colors look in your picture.  Ditch the auto mode for shooting a sunset and switch to Daylight/ Shade.  This way the picture will look warm and you will end up with some beautiful yellow and orange tones in your picture.


** Image courtesy Deepa Jathar. 

3.     Shoot in the Aperture Priority mode – When shooting sunsets, the light conditions would change constantly.  There would be a consistent decrease in light.  Set your camera to AV mode for Canon and A for Nikon, choose a narrow aperture of F16 or F22 and let the camera adjust the shutter speed keeping the ISO at 100.

Note-  Since the light entering the camera would be decreasing, you may have to work with slow shutter speeds.  Use of a tripod is highly recommended.


** Image courtesy Deepa Jathar. 

4.     Look for interesting foregrounds – Pick up an interesting subject in the foreground something like a tree, a rock, waves etc.  This can create a connection between the background and foreground and add depth to the entire image.

** Image courtesy Pexels. 

It is advisable to look around the location during the day to identify the element as you may not have enough time during the golden hour.



5.     Starburst effects –  Select the smallest possible aperture and shoot directly into the sun.  Wait until the sun is just touching the horizon and start shooting.  The starry effect can add a lot of drama and interest to your shot.



 ** Image courtesy Pexels.

6.     Look around you –   Sometimes when shooting sunsets we are so focused on the main subject (the setting sun) that we tend to miss out on the interesting effects produced around us.  For example, in cities, the sun is often covered by tall buildings.  Reflections on the building can result in some amazing pictures.  Silhouetted objects can also make the picture interesting.  Make it a habit to look around you.



 ** Image courtesy Pexels.

7.     Keep shooting   Don’t leave after the sun goes down. Watch the light and colors in the sky and keep shooting.  Sometimes the best colors will come out after the sun has set especially if there clouds in the sky.


Shooting sunset is a lot of fun and the best part about it that you don't have to travel far to do it.  There is a sunset every day and it can be captured from virtually anywhere.  

Go out with the camera and give some of these tips a try.  As with any other type of photography, the more you do it, the better you will be.

Let us know if these tips were helpful and share your pictures with us on

** Image courtesy Pixabay and Pexels and Cover image by Deepa Jathar. 

Blog Courtesy: by Deepa Jathar

Nature Photography Travel Photography Mobile Photography
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