The Best Lenses For Nature, Landscape And Wildlife Photography – 2019
Nature Photography Wildlife Photography Digital Photography
November 5, 2019

Buckle up your Nature photography game and get lenses that will suit your shot very precisely. If you are a nature photographer you might already know how the various kinds of pictures like landscape, wildlife, etc all a part of nature photography, but these genres take completely different skills and gears from one another when it comes to photography.


In this blog, you will find out the various types of lenses you will need as a nature photographer. We will discuss all, nature, landscape and wildlife with each lens, so I hope you know you get a clear idea of what to buy.


Here Are The Best Lenses For Nature Photography In 2019


Wildlife Photography Lenses


Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 II:


This is a very popular lens among the wildlife photographers, as it is very sharp, lightweight and comes in an affordable price in comparison to the 200-400mm f/4 lens, which is not just expensive but also bulkier to carry for a little extra sharpness.

This lens will cost you about ₹ 1,66,311.00/- 



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Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6:


If you are attracted to capturing birds, then let me tell you, this lens is going to change your life. This monster telephoto lens is surprisingly packed in a reasonable weight of 3kgs. Which is actually very light for its size. 

This lens has very fast and accurate autofocus, which will become your best friend in wildlife photography. The image quality is also incredible. This is surely an expensive gear to buy. But it is worth the money.

You can buy this at ₹ 85,289.00/-





Sigma 500mm f/4 Sport:


This is the most recommended budget telephoto lens you can have in competition to the Canon and Nikon series of telephoto lenses. The reduction in price is significant but there is no quality drop. You will get sharp images even at f/4.

The lens deals pretty well with fast-moving objects. But it can often get frustrating for serious wildlife photographers. It also has a good optical stabilization (OS) typically for smaller subjects like birds and animals at a distance.

Overall it is a good deal at the given price.



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Landscape Photography Lenses


16-35mm f/2.8:


As a landscape photographer, you will always look out for capturing wide shots of the location and there is nothing better than the 16-35mm f/2.8 for capturing ultra-wide-angle focal range landscape shots. 

 The f/2.8 is certainly more expensive than the 16-35mm f/4. But it is definitely worth the extra money you punch in for some extra features. Like it has a fast aperture, which is ideal for Astro- landscape photography.

 It is an absolute choice for cityscape, seascape, natural traditional landscapes, etc.


70-200mm f/4:


Yes I know, this is not a very obvious choice for shooting landscape photography, but now imagine, you want to shoot a landscape which is far off from your site, but it still looks beautiful. This is when the telephoto lens will let you capture the scenic beauty in your camera. 

Not just that, but the telephoto lens will also capture an isolating object with greater precision. For eg, a single tree. It is a great choice to compress the gap between distance and the subject. 

Now if you look for a telephoto lens, the f/4 version is the best choice for superior image quality in its kind. As compared to the f/2.8.

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With a pair of these lenses, you are all set to step out as a nature photographer. Wherewith the right techniques, settings, and practice, you will be able to capture beautiful pictures of the trees, wildlife, water and landscapes of all the places you will ever go to.


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Nature Photography Wildlife Photography Digital Photography
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