Summer Photography: How to deal with it
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April 26, 2017

Hot summer is  going on. Are you scared of going out to shoot?

There is no doubt that the best pictures come in the daytime with good light. Though it is sultry hot and we don't want to head out of the house uselessly. And even the photography in this season is tough too. It takes a lot to click great pictures and these sunny days are definitely making it tough for the photographers. Continuously following the best places to capture may turn you tired and uncomfortable. But as they say, every beautiful thing comes with a price and every dangerous path leads to a beautiful destination. And hence great pictures are also delivered after utmost hard work of the people behind the lens. Hence we can assume that summer photography is not an easy task.


So all you people gear up with your cameras and get ready to shoot your interests this summer. These tips will give you an idea to click better pictures in summers as well as some tricks to prevent yourself from the scorching heat. You don't want all your efforts to go in vain and hence consider these tips as important tips for the summer photography.



In the summers, the best time to click the pictures is either at the time of sunrise or at the time of sunset. Both of this time has the correct and suitable temperatures. The basic advantage is that it is not too hot during these hours. You get better lighting and also the pace of wind is much better as compared to other hours of the day. The landscape and the background scenes will be up to the mark for sure. During the sunset too, the light is magnificent and even warmer as compared to the sunrise time which leads to brighter pictures. You won't feel the extremities of the temperature at these two hours. If you are not a morning person then you can try shooting in the golden hour (sunset time) as everything is more vibrant at this hour.





It may happen that you need to rush out for the shooting in the peak hours when the sun is just above your head. So obviously you need to focus on the place at that time. Try searching for the best places from where you can shoot in shade. It would be very difficult for you to take the pictures on an extremely sunny day and so it is better to shoot under the shade of a building or something. One major benefit of shooting in the shade is that your pictures will not have an outcast of shadows. You can compare your summer photography under the bare sun and under the shade. You will yourself find the difference and this trick will give you a better picture and prevention from heat as well.





It is a natural human tendency that whenever we are clicking we tend to click as many pictures as possible and then filter them by keeping the best and removing the unacceptable ones. But in this weather is it really possible to click as many pictures as possible? I guess this is practically not possible. In my viewpoint, it is better to play wisely and set your focus in capturing the best pictures. Instead of going for random clicking you must be focused and click the best ones using all your best techniques. This is going to save your time and you will not require yourself to stand in the heat for the prolonged hours.





You are going to shoot in many places and hence sweating will be a very obvious thing. The heat and the sun rays can be very irritating and hence choose light outfits for yourself. Wear something of the natural fabric like cotton and also wear less. Do not overlay yourself. Even if you head out in your track or sweat pants, it is allowed. Wear light to feel light. Also, do not forget to wear a cover like a hat or a cap while summer photography sessions. This will be very helpful to you and you will be protected from the harmful sun rays. Wear sunglasses for sure because somehow continuous exposure in the heat can be harmful to your eyes as well. Sunglasses and hats give major protection to you from the heat.





It is very usual that the photographers usually carry too many equipments with themselves. They carry a huge bag with lenses, flash and so many other things. But before going out to shoot in this weather first sit down and make a list of the things you actually need while photographing. Prepare a theme of your photographic session which you are going to take and pack up the things accordingly. For example, do not carry the flash if that is unnecessary. Carry less stuff so that you don't feel the burden. Also, carry the important things for this weather like a water bottle is mandatory to keep you properly hydrated. A pack of face wipes a hand towel and may be a wet sponge to clean your face and wet them when needed. Pack the things which you will need in the heat and strike off the things which are not important to you during summer photography.





These were some of the basic tips which you need to follow for the summer photography. By following these simple ways you can genuinely improve your summer photography and can have great pictures even in this season. All you need to do is think about yourself that how you will protect yourself from the heat and the extreme climate and at the same time how will you deliver excellent pictures. Getting comfortable and thinking smartly is the only way in which you can have a great summer photography session.

People Photography Travel Photography Basic Photography
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