Recommended settings required for outdoor fashion photography
Fashion Photography
January 3, 2017

Whether or not you are a photographer, you have to admit that outdoor fashion photography not only plays a very important part in your lifestyle but also mesmerizes you sometimes. Fashion photography as you will know, is that genre of photography which is directed towards the display of different kind of apparels.  You may have come across indoor fashion photographs more often than not but outdoor fashion photography looks even more stunning if shot well.



Let us take a deeper look at outdoor fashion photography:

Firstly, outdoor fashion photography is not only about the clothes or the beautiful scenic location behind. The apparels will have to be shot in sync to the visible energy of the model. Without the perfect combination of exposure, lighting and composition your shots will look dull irrespective of how good the apparels are.

The kit – I always recommend a full frame dslr. You can make do with a crop frame one too. Fashion photography requires crisp and crystal clear images of the model. Keep your zoom lenses at home. The fast wide angle lenses will be the requirements of the day. Make sure that you keep your 50mm fast fixed focal length lens with an aperture that opens up to f/1.4.

Model, apparel and the location – I could have used the term composition instead of mentioning these three elements separately but I didn’t. These are significant. The apparel the model is wearing must suit his/her body energy, shape and style. It must not look out of sorts. Use different poses to bring out the varying looks of the apparels. The background must not just be a random scenic spot. It should have relevance to the kind of apparels you are shooting for. You just can’t shoot a model lounging on a beach during monsoon, wearing heavy winter clothing! If you are shooting for summer clothing, shoot in bright daylight to bring in the relevance. You may also use a high contrast background with respect to the colour of the clothes to introduce a few sparks in your image.



Settings – As far as camera setting is concerned, it will be entirely dependent on the location and the light. It will be similar to outdoor portrait photography most of the times. Keep a low ISO and use an aperture priority mode. Unlike in indoor fashion photography, here you may find manual focusing a better option.

The perfect shot – The perfect shot will depend on the perfect lighting. The sun is your friend here. So use all the sunlight available. Soften the light to avoid harsh shadows. A ND filter might come in handy. The perfect shot will result from the best combination of location, lighting and exposure. Be creative while choosing locations. For example, a model wearing light blue colour clothing is relaxing on a high curved wall having darker blue shades. Use the sunlight as your key light and an artificial light to fill in. To separate your subject from the background you may use focusing or a hair light.

The best images will reflect your creativity. So use all the creativity you have within to compose the perfect shot.



Fashion Photography
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