Recommended settings for shooting wedding
Wedding Photography
Amit K Srivastava
December 3, 2016

Wedding Photography – Capturing Moments!                                                                                                                


Wedding photography continues to maintain its reputation of being a highly favored zone for professional photographers. It’s also acquiring the interest of many amateur photographers. While this requires a lot of knowledge about various wedding rituals, one needs to also be really flamboyant with all the different types of technical settings of one’s camera. Otherwise, there is a serious chance of missing out on one of the most memorable moments of the couple’s life.


Each wedding, with respect to the religion and caste, will have different rituals. To cover all of them will mean writing a novel, or perhaps many! I will be generic while recommending several settings for a wedding photoshoot. In most of your wedding shots, people will be the center of attention. Thus controlling the depth of field becomes vital. 


Here Are A Few Recommended Settings




Whenever people are the center of attention, the eye of the camera becomes the most important part of it. Use f/1.4 or f/1.8 for close shots of the groom and the bride so as to get a very shallow depth of field. For the shots involving the couple, try f/4. Do not try to frame the couple with an aperture as wide as f/1.4 as it will become very difficult to have both of them in focus. Though it’s not like you can’t have one of them in focus and the other in defocus. For group shots, you may narrow down your aperture to f/8. None of these settings are formulas. You may try to experiment with others. At the end of the day, these will be dependent on the light on offer.



I will never recommend a high ISO as it will grain your image. Try not to go higher than 200. However, in low light situations, you may have to go up to 800.



Use image stabilization setting of your camera to the fullest along with a tripod whenever possible.


Focus Points:

Autofocus point- I will recommend the usage of a single autofocus point in order to help you focus on specific people.


Shutter Speed:

This will have to be controlled when some live ritual is going on. You will have to increase the speed to get sharp images of the ritual.




Now that I have gone through the technical, here is something extremely crucial. Wedding photography is not only about your aperture or ISO. It is all about capturing moments, invaluable moments of someone’s life. Carry the human touch with you at all times. Being a wedding photographer, I know the value of discussion with the couple. 

It’s all about them, what they love to see and what they don’t. Discuss with them in thorough detail as to what kind of shots they would love to have in their album.

Doing wedding photography is a big responsibility. Capture the moments! Who knows, those shots may become memorable moments for you too!


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Wedding Photography
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