Reasons for notch professional photographers to be expensive
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June 18, 2018

Photography is a brilliant art form involving uninhibited creativity. This requires a lot of hard work to master. This is not something the clients are quite aware of. Hence it is always felt that the photographers charge way more than what they actually do. In an event, if some cost reduction has to be done, the clients often approach the photographers first, for negotiations. This is because they feel the photographers are charging a lot for just working for a few hours on the day of the event. What they fail to see is the amount of effort that went in before the event. So do the photographers actually charge way more than what they deliver? Let’s discuss this topic and leave it you to answer the above question.



  •           Timing and scheduling

Top notch professional photographers are quite busy. They have really hectic schedules. When you are approaching them, they will check with their entire scheduling and let you know of their availability. It is not like they are available throughout. When you are hiring a professional for a shoot, you are not hiring them for only those few hours of the event. As soon as they get the deal, work begins for them. Pre–production work is crucial for all professional photographers. When I get a project, I spend half a day doing a survey of the location of the event. This includes taking a note of the various angles, placing the lighting equipment etc. Apart from this, I take out time to have a talk with the creative team involved in the event. The makeup artists, stylists all are involved in such a discussion. In pre-production, we also plan our different shots and assign tasks to our photography team. The high quality images are actually made here and not on the day of the shoot!

  •       The knowledge

Why do you pay for an informative book? It is generally because of the knowledge you gain by reading it. Similarly, the photographers charge a certain part of their fees for the knowledge of photography. Expertise in this field takes years of rigorous and regular practice as well as hard work.

  •      The gear and their operations

Basic photography gear is quite expensive. Professional photography gear is more so. It can cost a photographer anywhere between $5000-$10000. Even renting such equipment is expensive. This is actually the investment of the photographer. With such high investment, they have to have their rates in appropriate range. You can have friends around with very expensive dslr cameras. Does that mean they will deliver the quality, professionals do? Photography is much more than shooting with expensive gear. Professional cameras are not easy to operate too. They require expertise that only the professionals will have.

  •       The team of assistants

A single photographer cannot shoot the entire event, if it is a grand one. They often require a team of assistants. This increases their costing as well. If you are hiring a photographer for a wedding, you are not hiring him alone. You are actually hiring his team too. Photographers will assign different tasks to different members in the team. If someone is shooting the bride only, someone else will take the family photographs and so on. A photography team can have around 10-12 members for a big occasion.

  •      Post production

There is a common belief that photographers usually work for only those few hours at the shoot. This is a myth that needs busting. Once the shoot is over, they have to start the process of post-production. Post processing is absolutely mandatory in digital photography. It may seem like a simple job to retouch the images, but it is not. It is quite tedious and time consuming. For example, in post-production, the photographer needs to short list the images first. The number of images can well be in thousands. Short listing the images out of such a big inventory is a massive task. Once this is done, post processing work will start. Changing the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and various other settings require a lot of time, patience and hard work. Often the photographer doesn’t have the time to do it. In such a case they hire professional retouching artists.

  •      The quality

At the end of the day, you are paying the charges of the photographer for the quality they will deliver. High end professional photographers always deliver high quality images even when faced with various challenges on the day of the shoot. This is due to their experience and pre-production homework. This is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. An amateur photographer with a high end camera can deliver you quality but what if there are certain challenges on the day of the shoot. You don’t want photographers giving you excuses for missed shots by pointing out the unforeseen circumstances. Uniqueness is another asset you get, when you hire a top notch professional. Most professional photographers will have their own unique styles, something they have developed over years of practise and hard work. We don’t want our special images to be like every other Tom, Dick or Harry! An amateur photographer, even when equipped with a high end camera, cannot ensure you this. 


Apart from all the technical expertise, professional photographers have a considerably large social media presence. When you are hiring him, you are getting his social media presence too. This means that your event can reach out to thousands of people. You may have guests, who missed the event. Make sure they didn’t miss out entirely! Remember, this too is an investment of the photographer. Professional photographers don’t back out of a shoot due to the location. From travelling to several locations with the entire crew, to pre-production, shoot and post-production, photographers put in a lot of effort to deliver you the quality they had promised. With this, I leave it to you to answer the everlasting question. Do top notch photographers charge way more than they deliver?

People Photography Candid Photography Basic Photography
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