Pranav Lal: A Born Blind Cyber Security Professional Who Is A Passionate Photographer
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August 20, 2019

No force on earth can stop you from getting whatever you dream of. And a very good example of this is Pranav Lal. A cyber security professional who is also an author and a passionate photographer. Above everything else, what sets him apart from the rest of the world is, his achievements despite being congenital blind. 



 Pranav's Photograph From Rishikesh: Source

On the occasion of World Photography Day, we would like to share the story of Mr Lal who chooses Photography as a medium to create a Journal of all the places he visits and the things he can’t see with his naked eyes.


Pranav’s father wanted him to overcome the dependence that comes along with blindness so he introduced Pranav with computer in early 90’s and he started learning programming. That is when he chanced upon ‘The vOICe’ a Dutch software which converts all the visual images into sound renderings. This software scans the sight from left to right creating sound waves.




The vOICe uses Augmented Reality to perform for the visually impaired. Ever since Pranav has started using this gadget he makes sure to travel around with his camera and capture the world from the perspective of a blind person.


He loves to travel around in the mountains and capture every little thing in the surrounding, without even knowing what the final photograph looks like. Pranav makes sure to upload his photographs in his blog, to inspire and motivate people to keep going. No matter what they face in life.


Being Blind Since Birth Didn't Stop Pranav Lal From Becoming A Photographer


Pranav is active on his blog, where he shares his stories. You can find him at


Inspiring Stories
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