Playing Wildlife Squirrels - Photo Story
Photo Story
March 14, 2018

As we say keep your love for nature in a true way to understand your art more and more…

We have with us Geert Weggen who is a Swedish/Dutch nationally and an internationally awarded nature photographer who speaks about how challenging it is to capture the moment of squirrels but at the same time it’s enjoyable too.

“Playing wildlife squirrels”- Photo story

For years I am capturing photos of wild squirrels and I love to capture them in a creative way often associated with humans. Sport is a fantastic theme for this. It is fulfilling to capture a photo I had in mind, and many times the squirrels do something unexpected. That can be fun, but it can be frustrating too. Days waiting and still not have the result I want.

When I have the shot I have often to clone out things as wires, food buckets or pins holding the props. Also I stack sometimes 2 photos from the same scene.

Mostly I use my Nikon D810 and Sigma 150-600 mm and capture photos from my kitchen window. I build scenes on a table in my outdoor studio where all kinds of animals come to have some food.

In these 5 years that I almost daily capture the wild red squirrel in Sweden have I been awarded international and national many times. I published several books and I have been published in about 45 newspapers and 10 magazines worldwide, where from 3 times in The National Geographic.




About photographerGeert Weggen

Geert has worked extensively with wild squirrels and birds over the past several years. In 2013 he became a full time photographer. His current focus has been on photographing wild squirrels in a unique, beautiful and often whimsical way. His portfolio also includes landscapes, macro shots, interiors and people. Geert’s work has been published in many countries, newspapers, magazines and videos. 

He is the author of 8 squirrel photo books; published in 4 different languages. Finalist in Sony world photo contest 2017 with over 100000 photos 3 place shot and share 2017 with over 300000 photos, 3 times published in photo of the month in National Geographic magazine 2015–2016 featured in Dec 2016 on 8 pages. His photo has been published inside the October 2016 issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine.

He has been a finalist in13th Annual Photo Contest and featured 2015- 2016. There is lot more in his achievements bucket

Photo Story
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